Tips on how to store bangles

Tips on how to store bangles

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Every woman fancies a great bangle collection that comes handy when she wants to get ready in no time! The key is to organize your bangle wardrobe in a way that it’s not that tough to pick a bangle to wear with a certain outfit. The Jewelry Scoop Edit presents tips on various categories of bangles to own and organize. 

How to store lavish Indian kadas?

Heirloom bangles like these pair of extravagant gold kadas or statement bangle bracelets are a must-have for special occasions, festivals or ceremonies and the top must-care-for accessories. Make a separate box or area to store your bangles. We recommend storing them in circular pouches with enough padding that protects the delicate details from wearing off. Another option is to use a suede tray with inserts or slots to store specific size bangles, which can also be put inside your drawers for easy accessibility.
Top pick for: beaded bangles, gemstone bangles, meenakari kadas and kundan bracelets.

22k antique gold Indian design bangles22k gold gheru finish Indian design bangles

How to store cuff bangle bracelets?

Cuff bracelets are more convenient to store in an assorted jewelry box like the one below, which not only helps you in picking your design for the day easily but also a good way to start your arm candy stack. Usually paired with watches or charm bracelets, it's best to keep these party picks separate so that it doesn't collide with other pieces of jewelry. Also since these are not flexible, they need to be kept on bars or in box on a pillow to maintain their shape. 

22k yellow gold wide designer bangles
22k yellow gold meenakari cuff bracelet

How to store diamond bangles?

Another staple for fashion forward women is a stack of slim solitaire diamond bangles or bangle bracelets. The latest slim bangle designs are handcrafted with various textures and art-deco carvings. Preserve these fine pieces in plush satin or suede fabric organizers to ensure the elements and shape remains intact. Recommended for diamond solitaire bangles & bracelets, matte finish gold bangles, filigree bangles and cutwork bangle designs. The key is to make sure you maintain the luster of the stones and shapes. Another tip if you are travelling is that you wrap them in a soft velvet pouch to take extra car of them and not mix them with your other jewelry pieces. 

diamond vvs rose gold bangles

How to store unique shape designer bangles?

Unique designer bangles can be stacked on an enclosed rack style box. It is important to keep these pieces in a closed box to save its shape from any external pressure. Support its half solid and half fluid form with firm velvet or leather rack. Avoid using plastic stands.
Top pick for: gemstone bangles, curve angled bangles, slim hollow bangles, glossy pipe & textured bangles.

22k yellow gold emerald gems bangles
22k yellow gold bangles
22k yellow gold glossy bangles

Creating a jewelry wardrobe that you can preserve forever requires great care & thoughtful organization. Every piece that you buy at comes with aesthetic and solid packaging that you can use indefinitely. Our team is happy to guide you on how to care for fine jewelry bought from Raj Jewels. For more details DM us on instgaram- @rajjewels or text us at 1-833-228-8725.

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