How to pick & style a 22k gold chain?

How to pick & style a 22k gold chain?

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A solid 22k gold chain is a style essential for every jewelry wardrobe and undoubtedly an accessory that is never enough and you keep wanting more! You can own over 50 chains and still end up not looking the same! Jewelry Scoop presents the top gender-neutral 22k gold chains that are all-time favorites and must-have to add to your collection. 

Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains are among the most popular designs with variations such as Miami Cuban Links, diamond cut Cuban links and curb Cuban links. Available in solid 22k gold, and sparkling diamonds as additional options, a Cuban link chain ensures that your bold style comes through in one glance, irrespective of its thickness. This chain is a popular celebrity style and a top rated accessory of the hip-hop rapper fashion movement that began from the 70's and 80's. You will find cuban link chains on prominent rappers like Future, Daddy Yankee, Jay Z and Lil Uzi Vert. Today no longer just men's favorite, you will find women picking Cuban link chains to layer their neckline and create the boss lady vibe. Available in hollow, glitzy and chunky high polished finishes, they are considered a status symbol just like owning a Rolls Royce, depending on how expensive selection you make. To complete your cuban link collection, also check out our cuban link bracelets for men. 

Recommended cuban link chain length for women:
16 inches - short necklace 
Recommended cuban link chain length for men: 18-28 inches depending on shoulder width.

22k gold cuban link chain for him

Rope Chain

Rope chains are a more designer version of the regular wear chains collection. When choosing a 22k solid gold rope chain, you have to consider how you plan to wear it. Rope chains come in two different versions, which are heavy (solid) and hollow. A rope chain consists of several small links that wrap in a twisted pattern to resemble a rope. Due to its eye-catching twisting rope pattern, the rope chain reflects light amazingly well from all angles. Thus, the rope chain is one of the most lustrous types of unisex chains along with being rated the most popular and also durable styles of chains around the world. Thinner rope chains look wonderful with pendants and thicker rope chains will look best on their own, a statement piece to show off. Pair rope chains with a thinner chain when creating a layered pendant look. Quite interestingly, a standard 18-inch rope chain can subtly transform the appeal of a casual outfit and also accessorizes well with your urban-style white tee and jeans to the swagger-heavy suit and tie look. In terms of thickness, it ranges from 1.5mm up to a huge 30mm thick, another chain design that goes back to the old school 1980's rapper hip hop chain necklace styles. 

Recommended rope chain length for women:
16 inches when worn by itself, 18 inches when styled with a pendant.
Recommended rope chain length for men: 18-20 inches for routine work-leisure looks.
26"-30"- long thick rope chains are much loved by artists and public figures.

22k gold cuban link chain for him

Singapore Fox and Foxtail Chains

Truly timeless, Singapore Fox gold chains and Foxtail chains fuse durability with a universal appeal, making it the most bought unisex chain design across the globe. 22k gold fox chains, available in slight design variations, are the most loved gifts for its solid make and sleek everyday looks. Also available in various width options, this is the most picked chain design to pair with pendants. If you are the looking for the most basic everyday wear accessory that will last a lifetime, this is the pick for you. And if you are looking to style your little ones, this is the best seller in our children's jewelry collection. 

Recommended Singapore Fox gold chain length for women:
18-22 inches depending on how dressy you want to make it. If you are looking to pair it with South Indian Thirumangalyam, you should ho for 28 to 30 inches. 
Recommended Singapore Fox gold chain length for men: 18 -22 inches regular wear,  24-30 inches for statement looks.
Recommended Singapore Fox gold chain length for infant and kids: 14 to 16 inches.

22k gold cuff bracelet for him

Foxtail chains are a more attractive link and have a heavier look with the way the design is interwoven. 

Recommended Foxtail gold chain length for women:
18 inches slim foxtail chain worn individually or layered with super slim Singapore fox chains.
Recommended Foxtail gold chain length for men: 22-24 inches for an outstanding holiday look.

Flat Cable Ball Chain

benchmark gold & platinum bands for him
A cable chain consists of a series of identical round or oval links with variations such as round cable ball chain, square cable ball chain, rectangle cable ball chain, available in yellow and two-tone gold, combining beauty and functionality. Cable chains are perfectly eye-catching and the thin ones look stunning with a pendant. Another variation in this design is the flat cable ball chain that makes a grand statement in both your dressy and edgy looks.  They are one of the most reliable types of chains that are very durable for everyday wear, available in various thickness options. 

Recommended Cable ball gold chain length for women: 18-22 inches is the popular option for cable ball chains.
Recommended Cable ball gold chain length for men: 18-26 inches with freestyle outfits.

Square Spider Fox Chain

benchmark gold & platinum bands for him
Spider Fox chains bring in a new twist to the classic as they have a peculiar dotted design that is available in various widths; the thicker chains can almost qualify as a necklace. The collection we house carries variations such as square and round Spider Fox chains, a gift suitable for him and her in any season, also a top pick to create a layered chains look. 

Recommended Square Spider Fox gold chain length for women:
16-20 inches with a casual or dressy look.
Recommended Square Spider Fox gold chain length for men: 18-22 inches with semi-formal to casual attires.

Bombato Gold Chain

benchmark gold & platinum bands for him
Meet the new generation of gender-neutral chains with a striking design, another hot pick for everyday wear. Round links with a radiant polish give texture and shine to this layer-ready necklace. Though this is a unisex design, Bombato chain is more popular among women. In terms of length, 18 inches is the most preferred option for this style. Pair it with a slimmer chain along with a pendant if you love a layered look! Loungewear to corporate party scene, Bombato chains are the new hot favorite that's redefining everyday fashion.

This completes the list of top trending and popular designs of gold chains that were selected based on durability, assorted styles, aesthetics and how they fit your everyday high fashion wear. That being said, any of the different types of hallmark 22k gold chains on this list is a good option and can be a brand new addition to your collection if you don't already have them. Besides the type of chain, you must also consider the finishing, color tone, purity, width and length before making the final selection of your most comfortable everyday wear accessory. 
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