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Silver Diyas

Sterling silver has 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent of other metals, usually copper.
The ‘fineness’ is represented by .925; this fineness is different to the fineness we usually see in silver coins which is normally .995 or even .999.
Most items listed in this category are of sterling silver purity with the exception of some religious statues and gold coins which are .999.  

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  • Deep Silver Lamp

    Deep Silver Lamp

    Weight: 26.09 gms
    SKU: AG - D14
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  • Tall Panchmukhi Diya

    Tall Panchmukhi Diya

    Weight: 299 gms
    SKU: AG - D9
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  • Small Panchmukhi Diya

    Small Panchmukhi Diya

    Weight: 309 gms
    SKU: AG - D8
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3 Item(s)

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