The Peacock Collection

Designed with exquisite craftsmanship in an exciting combination of traditional & contemporary designs, we present our ravishing Peacock Jewelry Collection in 22k gold & other precious gemstones.
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  1. Antique Lakshmi Waist Belt

    Weight: 110.7 gms

    SKU: GBLT27245

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  2. Peacock Antique Jhumkas

    Weight: 55.5 gms

    SKU: GER163

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  3. Kids Gemstones Antique Vaddanam

    Weight: 110.7 gms

    SKU: GBLT20529

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  4. Shimmer Peacock Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 61.5 gms

    SKU: GBLT13022

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  5. Dazzling Peacock Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 156.0 gms

    SKU: GBLT20608

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  6. Antique Peacock Kundan Ring

    Weight: 14.6 gms

    SKU: GR6072

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  7. Kalahari Antique Necklace

    Weight: 133.0 gms

    SKU: GSKR3016

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  8. Rajwada Peacock Antique Necklace

    Weight: 172.9 gms

    SKU: GSKR32249

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  9. 22k Diamond Peacock Uncut Diamonds Necklace
    Peacock Uncut Diamonds Necklace
    was $14,223.00 Special Price $7,713.00

    Weight: 63.7 gms

    SKU: US8902

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  10. 18k Diamond Diamond Peacock Gems Necklace
    Diamond Peacock Gems Necklace
    was $35,796.00 Special Price $19,687.80

    Weight: 85.3 gms

    SKU: DNS29780

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  11. 18k Diamond Diamond Peacocks Gems Necklace
    Diamond Peacocks Gems Necklace
    was $45,792.00 Special Price $25,185.60

    Weight: 98.0 gms

    SKU: DNS8696

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  12. Antique Gems Fancy Bracelet

    Weight: 37.7 gms

    SKU: GB3071

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  13. Designer Peacock Necklace Set

    Weight: 119.1 gms

    SKU: GS926

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  14. 22k Diamond Asritha Uncut Diamond Necklace
    Asritha Uncut Diamond Necklace
    was $32,543.00 Special Price $16,296.00

    Weight: 118.1 gms

    SKU: UDNS2349

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  15. 22k Diamond Jade Peacock Diamond Necklace
    Jade Peacock Diamond Necklace
    was $28,962.00 Special Price $13,485.00

    Weight: 107.1 gms

    SKU: UDNS2773

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  16. 22k Diamond Apurva Gems Necklace
    Apurva Gems Necklace
    was $23,580.00 Special Price $11,114.00

    Weight: 94.1 gms

    SKU: UDNS6849

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  17. 22k Diamond Peacock Diamond Jhumkas
    Peacock Diamond Jhumkas
    was $9,300.00 Special Price $4,426.00

    Weight: 41.8 gms

    SKU: UDER2345

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  18. 22k Diamond Uncut Diamonds Peacock Vanki
    Uncut Diamonds Peacock Vanki
    was $13,572.00 Special Price $6,196.00

    Weight: 54.8 gms

    SKU: GVN9205

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  19. 22k Diamond Temple Diamond Gems Vanki
    Temple Diamond Gems Vanki
    was $12,375.00 Special Price $5,775.00

    Weight: 59.1 gms

    SKU: GVN9390

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  20. 18k Diamond Whimsical Peacock Pendant Set
    Whimsical Peacock Pendant Set
    was $10,984.00 Special Price $5,711.68

    Weight: 23.5 gms

    SKU: DNS3183

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  21. Ruby Cz Vanki Choker

    Weight: 41.0 gms

    SKU: GVN814-CO

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  22. Reversible Lakshmi Vanki Choker

    Weight: 38.3 gms

    SKU: GVN969-CO

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  23. Convertible Peacock Vanki Choker

    Weight: 45.5 gms

    SKU: GVN764

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  24. 22k Gold Peacock Gems Dangles Necklace
    Peacock Gems Dangles Necklace

    Weight: 69.2 gms

    SKU: GS094

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  25. 22k Gold Peacock Gems Traditional Haram
    Peacock Gems Traditional Haram

    Weight: 61.7 gms

    SKU: GS162

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  26. Traditional Peacock Gems Necklace

    Weight: 69.8 gms

    SKU: GS043

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  27. Nakshi Peacock Gold Vaddanam

    Weight: 263.3 gms

    SKU: GBLT0002

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  28. Decorative Peacock Jhumka Earrings

    Weight: 19.3 gms

    SKU: GER144

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  29. Goddess Lakshmi Cz Jhumkas

    Weight: 29.2 gms

    SKU: GER764

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  30. Antique Peacock Jhumkas

    Weight: 55.3 gms

    SKU: GER033

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