VaraLakshmi Collection

VaraLakshmi- The most auspicious gifting day of this season has arrived. Browse from our special jewelry collection launched to celebrate this festival of prosperity.

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  1. AshtaLakshmi Gems Vaddanam

    Weight: 242.4 gms

    SKU: GBLT790

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  2. Antique Ganesha Jhumkas

    Weight: 26.0 gms

    SKU: GER499

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  3. Antique Ganesha Temple Jhumkas

    Weight: 36.8 gms

    SKU: GER212

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  4. Short Mango Leaves Necklace

    Weight: 28.0 gms

    SKU: GS224

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  5. 2-in-1 Long Mango Haram

    Weight: 50.9 gms

    SKU: GS765

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  6. 2-in-1 Long Mango Haram

    Weight: 51.7 gms

    SKU: GS389

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  7. Long Mango Haram

    Weight: 51.1 gms

    SKU: GS36405

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  8. Long 2-in-1 Mango Mala

    Weight: 50.3 gms

    SKU: GS331

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  9. AshtaLakshmi Gems Vaddanam

    Weight: 223.8 gms

    SKU: GBLT7540-CO

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  10. Goddess Lakshmi Shimmer Vaddanam

    Weight: 161.4 gms

    SKU: GBLT13050

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  11. Lakshmi Kasu Gold Coin

    Weight: 1.0 gms


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  12. Lakshmi Floral Antique Earrings

    Weight: 20.4 gms

    SKU: GER075

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  13. 22k Diamond Lakshmi Leaf Uncut Bangles
    Lakshmi Leaf Uncut Bangles
    was $17,994.00 Special Price $8,406.00

    Weight: 72.8 gms

    SKU: UB8388

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  14. 22k Diamond Lakshmi Uncut Diamonds Bangles
    Lakshmi Uncut Diamonds Bangles
    was $24,471.00 Special Price $11,312.00

    Weight: 95.2 gms

    SKU: UB4026

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  15. Lakshmi Kasu Gold Coin

    Weight: 2.0 gms

    SKU: KASU-D2

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  16. Temple Beaded Laxmi Necklace

    Weight: 155.3 gms

    SKU: GS041

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  17. 22k Diamond Antique Temple Guttapusalu
    Antique Temple Guttapusalu
    was $30,852.00 Special Price $16,162.00

    Weight: 169.0 gms

    SKU: UDNSJ72909

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  18. 22k Diamond Laxmi Uncut Diamond Necklace
    Laxmi Uncut Diamond Necklace
    was $55,539.00 Special Price $22,975.00

    Weight: 269.2 gms

    SKU: UDNSJ710361

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  19. Long Gheru Stones Mangalsutra

    Weight: 72.3 gms

    SKU: GMS8536

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  20. 22k Gold Gheru Lakshmi Mango Necklace
    Gheru Lakshmi Mango Necklace

    Weight: 80.8 gms

    SKU: GS9383

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  21. 22k Gold Long Kasu Temple Necklace
    Long Kasu Temple Necklace

    Weight: 91.8 gms

    SKU: GS7439

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  22. 22k Gold Lakshmi Kasulaperu Necklace
    Lakshmi Kasulaperu Necklace

    Weight: 89.9 gms

    SKU: GS6112

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  23. 22k Gold Rose Lakshmi Kasu Mala
    Rose Lakshmi Kasu Mala

    Weight: 85.7 gms

    SKU: GS2772

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  24. 22k Gold Lakshmi Kasu Gheru Necklace
    Lakshmi Kasu Gheru Necklace

    Weight: 47.9 gms

    SKU: GS1799

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  25. Ruby Cz Vanki Choker

    Weight: 41.0 gms

    SKU: GVN814-CO

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  26. Reversible Lakshmi Vanki Choker

    Weight: 38.3 gms

    SKU: GVN969-CO

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  27. Peacock Convertible Choker Vanki

    Weight: 28.8 gms

    SKU: GVN992-CO

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  28. Convertible Peacock Vanki Choker

    Weight: 45.5 gms

    SKU: GVN764

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  29. 22k Gold Kolapuri Gemstones Long Haram
    Kolapuri Gemstones Long Haram

    Weight: 47.5 gms

    SKU: GS475

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  30. Traditional Peacock Gems Necklace

    Weight: 69.8 gms

    SKU: GS043

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