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Desi Bridesmaid Jewelry

Presenting a curated collection of Desi bridesmaid jewelry designs in 22k gold, precious gemstones & diamonds for the Indian wedding festivities. From the most stylish guest to the sister of the bride to her BFF, we have you covered to add the finishing touches to your Glam Look.

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  • Sparkling Gem Diamond Bangle

    Sparkling Gem Diamond Bangle

    $2,247.00 $960.00
    Weight: 10.75 gms
    SKU: UB3253
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  • Pearl Ruby Chand Bali

    Pearl Ruby Chand Bali

    Weight: 54.5 gms
    SKU: GER22197
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  • Pearls Gems Chand Bali

    Pearls Gems Chand Bali

    Weight: 56 gms
    SKU: GER19872
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  • Iskar Pearls Pendant Set

    Iskar Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 43.8 gms
    SKU: GPS401
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  • Pearls Emeralds Pendant Set

    Pearls Emeralds Pendant Set

    Weight: 47.1 gms
    SKU: GPS17862
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  • Firoza Pearls Pendant Set

    Firoza Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 57.4 gms
    SKU: GPS9415
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  • Uncut Diamond Bangle Bracelet

    Uncut Diamond Bangle Bracelet

    $2,874.00 $1,195.00
    Weight: 13.79 gms
    SKU: UB5368
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  • Uncut Diamonds Drop Necklace

    Uncut Diamonds Drop Necklace

    $15,282.00 $6,935.00
    Weight: 55.7 gms
    SKU: UDNS7993
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  • Dazzle Uncut Diamond Necklace

    Dazzle Uncut Diamond Necklace

    $13,935.00 $6,240.00
    Weight: 51.45 gms
    SKU: US5607
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  • Fancy Floral Wrap Ring

    Fancy Floral Wrap Ring

    Weight: 8.1 gms
    SKU: GR2688
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  • Ariha Uncut Diamond Necklace

    Ariha Uncut Diamond Necklace

    $10,209.00 $4,100.00
    Weight: 40.85 gms
    SKU: US3575
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  • Florana Uncut Diamond Necklace

    Florana Uncut Diamond Necklace

    $13,500.00 $5,645.00
    Weight: 52.5 gms
    SKU: US25423
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  • Diamond Pearls Pendant Set

    Diamond Pearls Pendant Set

    $3,930.00 $1,720.00
    Weight: 17.21 gms
    SKU: US1041
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  • Floral CZ Designer Necklace

    Floral CZ Designer Necklace

    Weight: 49.3 gms
    SKU: GS36314
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  • Minakari Kangan Bangles

    Minakari Kangan Bangles

    Weight: 89.4 gms
    SKU: GB29802
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  • Uncut Gems Diamond Bangles

    Uncut Gems Diamond Bangles

    $10,983.00 $4,965.00
    Weight: 56.34 gms
    SKU: UDB8902
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  • Diamond Cluster Bangles

    Diamond Cluster Bangles

    $18,771.00 $12,201.00
    Weight: 50.15 gms
    SKU: DB31047
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  • Roseatte Diamond Bangle Bracelet

    Roseatte Diamond Bangle Bracelet

    $4,680.00 $3,182.00
    Weight: 14.11 gms
    SKU: DBR34775
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  • Ruby Diamond Designer Bangles

    Ruby Diamond Designer Bangles

    $22,209.00 $13,325.00
    Weight: 48.25 gms
    SKU: DB4166
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  • Three-Tone Diamond Bangles

    Three-Tone Diamond Bangles

    $24,030.00 $14,418.00
    Weight: 41.54 gms
    SKU: DB8496
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  • Leaf Pattern Diamond Bangle

    Leaf Pattern Diamond Bangle

    $6,258.00 $4,255.00
    Weight: 18.99 gms
    SKU: DBR13308
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  • Ornate Filigree Gold Bracelet

    Ornate Filigree Gold Bracelet

    Weight: 32.8 gms
    SKU: GLB14701
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  • Floral Gems Cz Ring

    Floral Gems Cz Ring

    Weight: 5.6 gms
    SKU: GR3844
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  • Full Finger Nail Ring

    Full Finger Nail Ring

    Weight: 15.2 gms
    SKU: GR26680
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  • Cut-out Tube Bangle Bracelet

    Cut-out Tube Bangle Bracelet

    Weight: 8.6 gms
    SKU: GB8438
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  • Polki Pendant Chain Necklace

    Polki Pendant Chain Necklace

    Weight: 40.9 gms
    SKU: GS14465
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  • Polki Pendant Beads Necklace

    Polki Pendant Beads Necklace

    Weight: 38.9 gms
    SKU: GS41584
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  • Intricate Polki Necklace Set

    Intricate Polki Necklace Set

    Weight: 88.2 gms
    SKU: GS12959
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  • Chandelier Polki Necklace Set

    Chandelier Polki Necklace Set

    Weight: 75.6 gms
    SKU: GS15091
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  • Designer Polki Pearl Necklace

    Designer Polki Pearl Necklace

    Weight: 169.4 gms
    SKU: GS29841
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Items 1 to 30 of 108 total

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