Gold Necklaces

What's new in this section? Check out our new reversible gold necklaces, the most trending jewelry sets for women this season.

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  1. 22k Gold Cz Ruby Drop Necklace
    Cz Ruby Drop Necklace

    Weight: 19.7 gms

    SKU: GS1699

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  2. 22k Gold Flora Cluster Cz Necklace
    Flora Cluster Cz Necklace

    Weight: 21.5 gms

    SKU: GS6739

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  3. 22k Gold Cz Swirls Drop Necklace
    Cz Swirls Drop Necklace

    Weight: 22.2 gms

    SKU: GS5593

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  4. 22k Gold Cz Cluster Collar Necklace
    Cz Cluster Collar Necklace

    Weight: 29.0 gms

    SKU: GS9284

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  5. 22k Gold Elegant Cz Gold Necklace
    Elegant Cz Gold Necklace

    Weight: 21.9 gms

    SKU: GS2488

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  6. 22k Gold Cz Floral Gold Necklace
    Cz Floral Gold Necklace

    Weight: 18.9 gms

    SKU: GS2745

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  7. 22k Gold Emerald Cz Choker Vanki
    Emerald Cz Choker Vanki

    Weight: 34.4 gms

    SKU: GS7688

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  8. 22k Gold Convertible Cz Choker Vanki
    Convertible Cz Choker Vanki

    Weight: 34.1 gms

    SKU: GS8840

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  9. 22k Gold Butterfly Cz Chain Necklace
    Butterfly Cz Chain Necklace

    Weight: 5.1 gms

    SKU: GS9175

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  10. 22k Gold Infinity Circles Cz Chain
    Infinity Circles Cz Chain

    Weight: 4.8 gms

    SKU: GS3151

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  11. 22k Gold 2-Tone Tassel Heart Necklace
    2-Tone Tassel Heart Necklace

    Weight: 7.5 gms

    SKU: GS191

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  12. 22k Gold Three Layers Emerald Necklace
    Three Layers Emerald Necklace

    Weight: 107.6 gms

    SKU: GS3859

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  13. 22k Gold Ruby Cubic Zirconia Necklace
    Ruby Cubic Zirconia Necklace

    Weight: 61.5 gms

    SKU: GS9530

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  14. 22k Gold Long Ruby Emerald Haram
    Long Ruby Emerald Haram

    Weight: 90.7 gms

    SKU: GS3737

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  15. 22k Gold Long Gemstone Haram
    Long Gemstone Haram

    Weight: 97.5 gms

    SKU: GS9138

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  16. 22k Gold Traditional Kolapur Gems Haram
    Traditional Kolapur Gems Haram

    Weight: 60.0 gms

    SKU: GS062

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  17. 22k Gold Dual Peacock Gems Necklace
    Dual Peacock Gems Necklace

    Weight: 69.0 gms

    SKU: GS935

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  18. 22k Gold Peacock Gems Long Necklace
    Peacock Gems Long Necklace

    Weight: 69.2 gms

    SKU: GS301

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  19. 22k Gold Magnificent Kundan Gems Necklace
    Magnificent Kundan Gems Necklace
    was $49,901.00 Special Price $27,300.00

    Weight: 350.0 gms

    SKU: GS2541

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  20. 22k Gold Bridal Antique Kundan Choker
    Bridal Antique Kundan Choker
    was $64,732.00 Special Price $24,200.00

    Weight: 309.9 gms

    SKU: GS9524

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  21. 22k Diamond Polki Malhari Polki Diamond Necklace
    Malhari Polki Diamond Necklace
    was $43,566.00 Special Price $15,337.00

    Weight: 161.5 gms

    SKU: PDN639

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  22. 22k Diamond Polki Polki Diamond Gems Necklace
    Polki Diamond Gems Necklace
    was $36,972.00 Special Price $15,010.00

    Weight: 158.0 gms

    SKU: US998

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  23. Antique Kundan Choker Necklace

    Weight: 255.1 gms

    SKU: GS447

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  24. 3-Tone Floral Dangles Necklace

    Weight: 80.8 gms

    SKU: GS3487

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  25. Blue Sapphire Veil Necklace

    Weight: 50.8 gms

    SKU: GS3576

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  26. Vivid Peacocks Vanki Choker

    Weight: 38.7 gms

    SKU: GVN259

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  27. Alluring Peacock Vanki Choker

    Weight: 42.4 gms

    SKU: GVN269

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  28. Convertible Cz Vanki Choker

    Weight: 43.0 gms

    SKU: GVN006

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  29. Lakshmi Cz Vanki Necklace

    Weight: 41.8 gms

    SKU: GVN083

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  30. Peacock Gems Vanki Choker

    Weight: 38.3 gms

    SKU: GVN786

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