Luxe Casual Men's Accessories

Luxe Casual Men's Accessories

Blog on men's 22k gold & platinum jewelry trends

Jewelry Scoop believes that the presence of the right accessory can speak volumes about a man. The cool quotient is not just about a man's accessories but also how he carries them. Balance is everything! From casual to dressy, here are our picks to help you score high on the accessory code each time.

Cool & Casual

Light-weight 22k yellow gold accessories are every man’s essential for a relaxed day-in or a night out. Men’s fine jewelry basics like rope chains and slim gold bracelets creates smart looks with polo tees and are equally comfortable to carry. A sleek 22k gold band ring alone can make your resort wear look dapper.

22k gold cuban link chain for him

Jewelry adds a lot to a man’s personality. Take your pick from ample options that define your lean-mean persona. Clean-cut bracelets with hydraulics-inspired closures and clasps are a hit with machine enthusiasts. You can even choose to go edgy on the game nights with the iconic alpha male jewelry. Sport the lion head pendant or the dual head panther bracelet with a casual blazer and watch yourself groove into the big league instantly.

Formal Attire

When it comes to formal occasions & celebrations – mix metals is your makeover to a new style statement. Go for striking 22k gold two-tone bracelets and fusion platinum pieces or mix media bands that amp up your bow-tie look. Corporate evenings call for a new-age business-casual style. Platinum chains or bracelets add the ultimate final touches to crisp formals or designer suits.

22k gold cuff bracelet for him

Cocktail Cruise

Bling for men? oh yes! Especially when you're the "Man of the moment". For your wedding reception, award nights or graduation parties, grab those sparkling diamond styles to ensure the spotlight stays on you through the ceremonies and the cocktail celebrations that follow. Take your pick from suave platinum bracelets, black diamond bands or brawny rose-gold diamond accessories to accentuate your flamboyance.

benchmark gold & platinum bands for him
A modern man’s closet deserves tastefully selected accessories that can rise to any occasion. Stay hooked to Jewelry Scoop for more tips from our men’s style guide.
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