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Festive Meenakari Jewels

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  • Paisley Enamel Round Studs

    Paisley Enamel Round Studs

    Weight: 6.7 gms
    SKU: GER4410
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  • 4-Ring Hath Phool

    4-Ring Hath Phool

    Weight: 28.9 gms
    SKU: GPCH16012
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  • 4-Finger Ring Hath Phool

    4-Finger Ring Hath Phool

    Weight: 29 gms
    SKU: GPCH20859
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  • Lotus Meena Gem Ring

    Lotus Meena Gem Ring

    Weight: 9.7 gms
    SKU: GR3458
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  • Enamel Box Pendant Necklace

    Enamel Box Pendant Necklace

    Weight: 26.89 gms
    SKU: GS322
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  • Meenakari Drop Pendant Set

    Meenakari Drop Pendant Set

    Weight: 14.88 gms
    SKU: GPS33447
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  • Peacock Meenakari Mangalsutra

    Peacock Meenakari Mangalsutra

    Weight: 12.09 gms
    SKU: GMS3253
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  • Vibrant Beads Meena Mangalsutra

    Vibrant Beads Meena Mangalsutra

    Weight: 14.32 gms
    SKU: GMS34314
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  • Meena Pearl Gold Mangalsutra

    Meena Pearl Gold Mangalsutra

    Weight: 8.59 gms
    SKU: GMS8972
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  • Meenakari Bar Mangalsutra

    Meenakari Bar Mangalsutra

    Weight: 9.76 gms
    SKU: GMS34020
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  • Minakari Filigree Dangles Mangalsutra

    Minakari Filigree Dangles Mangalsutra

    Weight: 11.04 gms
    SKU: GMS350
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  • Chandbali Meena Mangalsutra

    Chandbali Meena Mangalsutra

    Weight: 13.14 gms
    SKU: GMS13213
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  • Meenakari Pipe Ball Bangles

    Meenakari Pipe Ball Bangles

    Weight: 61.9 gms
    SKU: GB10542
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  • Meena Filigree Pearl Necklace

    Meena Filigree Pearl Necklace

    Weight: 24.7 gms
    SKU: GS8355
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  • Enamel Peacock Baby Bangles

    Enamel Peacock Baby Bangles

    Weight: 13.6 gms
    SKU: GBB3423
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  • Filigree Meena Bangles Set

    Filigree Meena Bangles Set

    Weight: 77.2 gms
    SKU: GB659
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  • Floral Meena Accents Ring

    Floral Meena Accents Ring

    Weight: 5.8 gms
    SKU: GR22932
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  • Antique Drop Pendant Necklace

    Antique Drop Pendant Necklace

    Weight: 29.1 gms
    SKU: DNS27857
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  • Kundan Stones Flower Ring

    Kundan Stones Flower Ring

    Weight: 9.71 gms
    SKU: GR18548
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  • Meenakari Pipe Kadas

    Meenakari Pipe Kadas

    Weight: 53.7 gms
    SKU: GB200
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  • Dainty Enamel Pendant Necklace

    Dainty Enamel Pendant Necklace

    $2,706.00 $1,542.00
    Weight: 27.06 gms
    SKU: GS7419
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  • Curve Meenakari Gold Bangles

    Curve Meenakari Gold Bangles

    Weight: 33 gms
    SKU: GB675
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  • Enamel Pearl Drop Necklace

    Enamel Pearl Drop Necklace

    Weight: 47.5 gms
    SKU: GS8516
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  • Butterfly CZ Chain Necklace

    Butterfly CZ Chain Necklace

    Weight: 19.9 gms
    SKU: GS349
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  • Enamel Bangle Chain Bracelet

    Enamel Bangle Chain Bracelet

    Weight: 18.9 gms
    SKU: GPCH5801
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  • Minakari Chain Bracelet

    Minakari Chain Bracelet

    Weight: 18.2 gms
    SKU: GPCH9923
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  • Valencia Gold Earrings

    Valencia Gold Earrings

    $4,480.00 $2,553.00
    Weight: 44.8 gms
    SKU: GER9290
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  • Rudali Enamel Gold Bangles

    Rudali Enamel Gold Bangles

    Weight: 93 gms
    SKU: GB431
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  • Sajal Kada Bangles

    Sajal Kada Bangles

    $11,430.00 $6,513.95
    Weight: 114.3 gms
    SKU: GB005
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29 Item(s)

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