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Explore our vast collection of pendant charms in diverse designs, lavished in 22k gold, cubic zirconia and colorless diamonds for her, kids & him. Dangle the style that matches your personality- right from classic, trendy, luxurious, initial, romantic to religious picks.
Merchandise enlarged to show detail and may not always be exactly as pictured. Please refer to size dimensions for exact details.

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  • Pearls Gems Pendant Set

    Pearls Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 36.7 gms
    SKU: GPS4992
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  • Pearls Emerald Pendant Set

    Pearls Emerald Pendant Set

    Weight: 36 gms
    SKU: GPS26940
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  • Pearl Mix Pendant Set

    Pearl Mix Pendant Set

    Weight: 30 gms
    SKU: GPS786
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  • Mintra Pearls Pendant Set

    Mintra Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 29.5 gms
    SKU: GPS10052
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  • Lustrous Pearls Pendant Set

    Lustrous Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 33.2 gms
    SKU: GPS2593
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  • Pearl Dangles Pendant Set

    Pearl Dangles Pendant Set

    Weight: 34.1 gms
    SKU: GPS6779
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  • Ruhi Pearls Pendant Set

    Ruhi Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 35.4 gms
    SKU: GPS10957
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  • Dewdrop Pearls Pendant Set

    Dewdrop Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 25.5 gms
    SKU: GPS10753
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  • Chandbali Pearls Pendant Set

    Chandbali Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 43.8 gms
    SKU: GPS9472
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  • Dangle Pearls Pendant Set

    Dangle Pearls Pendant Set

    Weight: 39 gms
    SKU: GPS19530
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  • Pear Diamond Pendant Set

    Pear Diamond Pendant Set

    $3,342.00 $1,582.00
    Weight: 13.88 gms
    SKU: UN9450
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  • Emerald Sapphire Pendant Set

    Emerald Sapphire Pendant Set

    Weight: 12.8 gms
    SKU: GPS13764
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  • Pink Cz Tassel Chain

    Pink Cz Tassel Chain

    Weight: 9.7 gms
    SKU: GC367
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  • Om Lingam Diamond Pendant

    Om Lingam Diamond Pendant

    $2,079.00 $1,351.35
    Weight: 6.84 gms
    SKU: DP4478
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  • Diamond Hanuman Pendant

    Diamond Hanuman Pendant

    $2,211.00 $1,437.15
    Weight: 7.02 gms
    SKU: DP25739
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  • Lord Shiva Pendant

    Lord Shiva Pendant

    Weight: 7 gms
    SKU: GP032
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  • Shri Ram Pendant

    Shri Ram Pendant

    Weight: 5 gms
    SKU: GP22881
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  • Cz Ohm Oval Pendant

    Cz Ohm Oval Pendant

    Weight: 4.4 gms
    SKU: GP1627
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  • Cz Om Round Pendant

    Cz Om Round Pendant

    Weight: 3.7 gms
    SKU: GP14176
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  • Om Cz Pendant

    Om Cz Pendant

    Weight: 3.4 gms
    SKU: GP4954
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  • Cz Om Pendant

    Cz Om Pendant

    Weight: 4.3 gms
    SKU: GP3364
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  • Floral Polki Pendant Set

    Floral Polki Pendant Set

    Weight: 12.4 gms
    SKU: GPS12287
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  • Dangles Filigree Pendant Set

    Dangles Filigree Pendant Set

    Weight: 19.7 gms
    SKU: GPS3169
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  • Multi Gemstones Pendant Set

    Multi Gemstones Pendant Set

    Weight: 9.2 gms
    SKU: GPS8902
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  • 8 Gems Pendant Set

    8 Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 8.9 gms
    SKU: GPS389
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  • Deco Gems Pendant Set

    Deco Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 8.4 gms
    SKU: GPS18818
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  • Gleaming Gems Pendant Set

    Gleaming Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 9.6 gms
    SKU: GPS9390
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  • Gems Medley Pendant Set

    Gems Medley Pendant Set

    Weight: 8.9 gms
    SKU: GPS16246
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  • Multi Gems Pendant Set

    Multi Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 9.5 gms
    SKU: GPS8661
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  • Florett Gems Pendant Set

    Florett Gems Pendant Set

    Weight: 13.3 gms
    SKU: GPS13474
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