Top Summer Jewelry Trends

Top Summer Jewelry Trends

Blog on men's 22k gold & platinum jewelry trends

Summer is here, and it always brings a host of fresh statement-making jewelry trends. Whether you’re planning on frolicking through the fields, hosting outdoor parties, or simply lounging by the water, there are several ways to make a style splash this summer. Of course, there’s tons of brand new bangles, chains, bracelets and more, sure to cause some waves. Jewelry Scoop presents the hottest new designs inspired by the summer jewelry trends in 2023.  

Geometric Shapes

Top on the list is geometric jewelry that gives you a new edge to your diverse looks for various outings this season. Unique & striking, these geometrical gold bracelets can match jewelry curation for any occasion. Handcrafted in pure 22k gold with angular shapes, especially when they’re stacked on top of each other, exude an expression of individuality. Whether you are a square or hexagonal, we have designs for your every mood. 

22k gold cuban link chain for him

A well-thought-out stack of bangles is like an art piece unique to the wearer's style. Even the same pieces create wildly different looks when stacked and arranged differently. For example, you could create a light, beachy look for a day on the water, then a more sophisticated look for a formal dinner that same night with the same pieces. These bangles work well as part of men’s ensembles as well, when paired with a crisp button down and shorts.  

22k gold cuban link chain for him

Moreover, chunky geometric rings can make similarly stunning statements as part of a outdoor cocktail party look for women, looking to style on a budget.

22k gold chunky multi-tone ring

Multi-tone jewelry

Another hot summer jewelry trend is multi-tone jewelry. Just like geometric jewelry, there’s a myriad of beautiful multicolored jewelry pieces like the three tone beaded bracelets. They come in colors like rose gold, white gold, and more. We recommend pieces from our assorted beaded collection with minimal silhouettes to highlight the mix of colors. Our gold pieces featuring diamonds really add some shine and sparkle to already stunning two- and three-tone designs, especially when paired with a colorful gemstone. The combination of brighter and darker tones within one piece really makes the colors pop, adding some fun to your looks for any outdoor adventure. And if you are looking to make custom or personalized pieces, you can always request if it’s possible to make pieces multi-tone as you shop.  

22k gold panther bracelet for men

Candy Colors

Finally, candy colors in your jewelry is a fun and lighthearted way to make waves and stand out from the crowd. Pair this with your light colored maxi outfits or jumpsuits and dazzle like never before. Did anyone says "Girls Night Out?", we have you covered.

22k gold cuban link chain for him

Especially when worn with a more sophisticated outfit, candy colors in jewelry underscore that sophistication with youth and playfulness. Pair such a formal outfit with a bright, colorful ocean-based piece like this turtle pendant necklace to show off your inner mermaid (or merman!).

22k gold cuban link chain for him

The more vibrant the color, the better! Super bright colors might not make it to your list unless it’s summer, like turquoise or hot pink, are a huge summer jewelry trend in 2023. 

Alternatively, enamel-coated fine jewelry such as indigo enamel gold earrings can provide the same amount of pop; the high quality enamel coating paint comes in any color imaginable. This makes it an affordable way to make a statement while feeding your inner candy crusher.  

22k gold summer jewelry trends

These are just a few of the hottest, boldest summer jewelry trends this year. We have a huge collection and many more tips to glam you for any event that you are dressing up for. Stacking bangles or chains (or both!) allows you to curate a unique look for any outing or occasion. Meanwhile, multi-tone jewelry creates a lot of contrast that adds some depth to any summer look. You will find a myriad of Turkish designer vibes in the exquisite handcrafted curation of this season. Lastly, candy colors maintain that contrast in a more minimalist manner along with channeling your freedom of expression. Explore the best of our summer jewelry collection to showcase your personality in different styles.

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