Vaddanam-Waist Belts

Explore the best collection of temple vaddnams in various designs for women, baby or kids, available in 22k gold with semi precious gemstones such as cubic zirconia (American diamonds), uncut diamonds, ruby, emerald or color stones. South India's most popular ornament is available at or visit our store in New Jersey for a personalized consultation.
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  1. Goddess Lakshmi Kids Vaddanam
    Goddess Lakshmi Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 88.7 gms

    SKU: GBLT12700

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  2. Shimmer Peacock Kids Vaddanam
    Shimmer Peacock Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 61.5 gms

    SKU: GBLT13022

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  3. Shimmering Cz Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 152.3 gms

    SKU: GBLT3169

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  4. Gajlakshmi Gemstones Kids Vaddanam
    Gajlakshmi Gemstones Kids Vaddanam

    Weight: 90.1 gms

    SKU: GBLT3661

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  5. Lakshmi Gemstones Kids Oddiyanam

    Weight: 103.6 gms

    SKU: GBLT2308

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  6. Gajalakshmi CZ Gemstone Vaddanam
    Gajalakshmi CZ Gemstone Vaddanam

    Weight: 296.0 gms

    SKU: GBLT4172

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  7. AshtaLakshmi CZ Vaddanam
    AshtaLakshmi CZ Vaddanam

    Weight: 210.3 gms

    SKU: GBLT13015

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  8. Goddess Lakshmi Gemstone Vaddanam

    Weight: 198.2 gms

    SKU: GBLT797

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  9. Antique Nakshi Peacock Vaddanam

    Weight: 182.4 gms

    SKU: GBLT1265

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  10. Antique Peacock Gemstone Vaddanam

    Weight: 180.3 gms

    SKU: GBLT3433

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  11. Nakshi Gems Gold Vaddanam
    Nakshi Gems Gold Vaddanam

    Weight: 258.9 gms

    SKU: GBLT12276

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  12. Gemstone Pearls Peacock Vaddanam
    Gemstone Pearls Peacock Vaddanam

    Weight: 200.4 gms

    SKU: GBLT9390

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  13. Exquisite Peacock Design Vaddanam

    Weight: 156.1 gms

    SKU: GBLT8902

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  14. Luxurious Gemstones Vaddanam

    Weight: 199.7 gms

    SKU: GBLT3216

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  15. 2-in-1 Diamond Mango Mala
    2-in-1 Diamond Mango Mala
    was $99,639.00 Special Price $54,801.45

    Weight: 262.6 gms

    SKU: DNSLA13474-NC

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  16. 2-in-1 Diamond Necklace Vaddanam
    2-in-1 Diamond Necklace Vaddanam
    was $125,775.00 Special Price $69,176.25

    Weight: 317.6 gms

    SKU: DNS23998

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  17. Mani Lakshmi Vaddanam

    Weight: 260.2 gms

    SKU: GBLT8247

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  18. Long 2-in-1 Mango Mala

    Weight: 58.4 gms

    SKU: GS846

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