1. Grand Diwali Gift Sets on budget

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    Are you one of those who end-up gifting cash on Diwali? Also, isn't it a popular belief that Diwali Jewelry gifting always pushes budgets? The Jewelry Scoop team busts all myths with 5 expensive-looking gift sets in your budget, that could simply wow your loved ones. Browse through these attractive picks to see how ball chains can create above average looks you never imagined!
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  2. Eternal and Modern Mangalsutra

    kids jewelry blog
    One of her super skills is reinventing the wheel of culture. Outfits or jewelry, she always hits the sweet spot between her Indian roots and ultra-modern silhouettes. Meet today's American Indian woman who takes pride in achieving this fine balance, even while wearing the sacred symbol of her marriage - the mangalsutra! Styled by the Jewelry Scoop team, these inspiring multitasking ladies make a statement with a very global, worldly version of the mangalsutra, just like their own self.
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  3. Bundle of Baby Jewels

    kids jewelry trends blog

    Nothing is more adorable than little kids dressed for fun. As Summer time approaches, we at Jewelry Scoop take a roll call of the coolest bling for your little ones to shine out this season. Get your nuggets ready for birthday parties with dainty baby bangles and pendants in 22k gold. Comfortable and light weight designs that let your little musketeers be themselves yet look stylish.

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  4. One Piece Wonder

    statement jewels trends blog

    After a decade of scorching hot styles, we totally understand your anticipation to raise the bar in 2020. Runway trends foresee a lot of antique gold and two tone gold accessories surfacing with geometric inspirations. The Jewelry Scoop Edit hits you up with 4 one-of-a-kind pieces that add the wow to your style statement. 

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  5. South Indian Bridal Jewelry

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    Discover the goddess-like grandeur of the South Indian bride. Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti unfolds the most timeless bridal looks of this season, featuring traditional richness of mango haram, kasulaperu, guttapusallu and everything today's South Indian bride can dream of.

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  6. Must-Have Holiday Dazzlers

    cocktail jewelry trends blog

    Create your festive wardrobe for those sparkling new holiday looks this party season. Our editor presents the Glam Holiday issue with the top luxury accessories to add the dazzling finishing touch to your satin, velvet or show-stopping sequin cocktail dresses. Splurge away the party scene.

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  7. Karva Chauth Looks

    Indian jewelry trends blog

    The legend of Karva Chauth – Long live the husband (or the wife). This is a North Indian festival, a day-long fast kept by the wife to wish upon a long life for her husband and sometimes the other way round! Jewelry scoop with Jagruti shares three popular looks picked from traditional favorites to the new-age, Bollywood inspired Karva Chauth Parties. Fasting or feasting, here are the top jewelry picks for you to welcome for auspicious celebrations, curated with trending designer outfits by Mall at Oak Tree.

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  8. Top Travel Jewelry Essentials

    travel jewelry trends blog

    Every time travel is on the cards, your vacation wardrobe deserves a new twist. While most of us are experts on what to pack when it comes to outfits, shoes & make-up, here’s a 6-point jewelry checklist from our fashion editor Jagruti Bansal, that lets you shine through your #vacay posts. You’re all set with these carry-anywhere-accessories narrowed down to the T.

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  9. Eid Fashion Must-haves

    eid fashion trends blog

    The world of Islamic fashion has its own charm and unique design elements that have been incorporated in jewelry as well. With Eid celebrations on the way, it’s time to get your jewelry wardrobe up to date with the current trends. Our editor curates her top picks that must be on every woman’s wish-list.

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  10. Spring Jewelry Trends 2019

    video blog on top spring jewelry trends 2019

    Celebrate Spring with a refreshing new wardrobe as Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti reveals the hottest jewelry trends that must be on every woman's list. From utility tassels, sparkling florals, contemporary cuffs to luxury charms, find out what's ruling the fashion runway.

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