Video Transcript: 

While women are spoilt for choices, men are very selective when it comes to jewelry accessories. So today we are going to speak about the most desirable jewelry that completes their style wardrobe- bracelets.

In fact if it on their wrist , you will not miss it. Sleek, playful and stylish, every man can wear without feeling overdone and feel extremely confident.

Be it casual or dressy occasions, different bracelets can lend distinction – allowing you to stand out in the simplest of ways. So let’s explore the top wrist wear designs from our collection for the man of metal.

22k Gold Links Bracelets

22k gold links bracelets

A classic pick for every man, it is perfect for your casual jeans look, your party jazzup look or the perfect addition for your formal wear look. The 22k karat yellow gold links bracelets designs are our top sellers and you will feel like a hunk when it is on your wrist.  Real gold is a lot more durable and a worthy investment if you’re after a piece that you will want to wear countlessly. A style tip for all you men- gold looks better on darker skin tones.

Platinum Links Bracelets

platinum men's bracelets

Platinum rates even higher in terms of durability when compared with gold. We house the most unique and fashionable styles of platinum bracelets that will make you feel like a man of substance. Some of the most popular designs include byzanite bars bracelet, sega link and rolo link platinum bracelets. If you are in the corporate world and boardroom meetings and high profile social events are your scene, this is the perfect pick for your sophisticated wardrobe. Our style tip: platinum and white gold is generally recommended for whiter skin tones.

Men's Diamond Bracelets

mens diamond bracelets

Who says that women can have bling in their jewelry? This is the era when men also like to show off the metal accessory with precious stones. Check out our certified diamonds studded links bracelet that takes luxury to the next level. You can pair this bracelet on the same wrist as your watch but make sure the wrist bracelet enhances your watch.

Think about what message you want to give out.  Is it the Mr. Cool dude , the trendsetter, Mr sleek or the sophisticated man? And then make your selections from our vast collection at our e-store.