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In the Western cutlture, when you say, “I do”, you exchange rings. In the Indian culture, a scared necklace is put on the bride by the groom, solemnizing the marriage. This necklace made of black beads and gold, is termed as mangaslutra. 

The word 'mangalsutra' is derived from two words, "mangal" meaning auspicious and "sutra" meaning thread. Each black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the married couple from the evil eye. We present to you the various designs of mangalsutra necklaces from the Raj Jewels collection.

Filigree gold mangalsutra designs

22k gold filigree gold mangalsutras

Brides from the North India prefer a grander look mangalsutra with filigree work. We have various designs in yellow gold with meenakari accents as well.

Gheru mold mangalsutras

22k gold gheru mangalsutra

Long mangalsutra necklaces are for the women who are traditional at heart and one hot trend in this category are the gehru antique finish gold mangalsutras.

Short everyday wear mangalsutra designs

short modern mangalsutra designs

cz gold mangalsutra designs

We also have light-weight mangalsutras with gemstones and cz , featuring a pendant, usually shorter in length which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Diamond modern mangaslutra designs

diamond mangalsutra necklaces

And if you like to add a little luxury to this symbolic wedding design, our certified diamond mangalsutras are hot picks. This unique design diamond mangalsutra features interchangeable gemstones, which includes ruby, emerald and blue sapphire.

Traditional south Indian mangalsutra designs

thaali wati mangalsutra

In the Southern part of India, the Waati and the Thaali designs are the customary styles as per the wedding traditions.

To check out these various designs of mangalsutra necklaces explore the entire collection at our estore or visit our store in NJ.

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