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Hoop earrings are a style of earrings that go from boho to classic and can be found in almost every woman's jewelry wardrobe. I will pick the top three styles of hoop earrings that are so diverse in their designs, suitable for not only women but little girls as well.

Everyday hoops

everyday hoop earrings

In this category we have multiple designs that will appeal to you. The most wearable design in this category are small plain gold hoop earrings. This is a great pick for moms as they can share with their little girls.

If you are looking for versatile earrings that can be worn at work and at the same time on a lunch date or casual events, try the ball hoops. If you fancy a sleek look, you could try the two-tone huggie hoops that have an international appeal to them. Another design on this list is the dangling hoops that are more popular among South Asian women.

Statement hoops

statement diamond hoops

This style is a favorite among celebrities globally whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood. These fashionistas have proved that the women of today believe in making a bold statement with “the show-stopper earrings” look. The inside-out prong-set diamond hoop earrings are a popular style for an evening gala event

Bali hoops

bali hoop earrings

Bali hoops are usually extra large in size and the combination of pearls, yellow or two-tone gold, makes it a ravishing design. Bali is a distinctive jhumka drop that is a South Asian design, which makes it an interesting combination with the hoops. Generally, the larger these earrings are, the more they stand-out.

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14 January 2017

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