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  1. Luxe Casual Men's Accessories

    Men's jewelry trends
    Jewelry Scoop believes that the presence of the right accessory can speak volumes about a man. The cool quotient is not just about a man's accessories but also how he carries them. Balance is everything! From casual to dressy, here are our picks to help you score high on the accessory code each time.
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  2. Grand Diwali Gift Sets on budget

    diwali gifts blog
    Are you one of those who end-up gifting cash on Diwali? Also, isn't it a popular belief that Diwali Jewelry gifting always pushes budgets? The Jewelry Scoop team busts all myths with 5 expensive-looking gift sets in your budget, that could simply wow your loved ones. Browse through these attractive picks to see how ball chains can create above average looks you never imagined!
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  3. Gift Sets Under $1000

    video blog on top jewelry gifts under $1000

    In episode #26 of the "Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti", our editor shares her top picks on customizing jewelry gift sets under $1000 for him, her and kids. Make holiday shopping even more exciting with these inspiring ideas to gift your loved ones.

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  4. Trending gifts video blog

    video blog on top jewelry gifts

    In this edition of, Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti, our editor talks about best jewelry gifts that are ideal for all special occasions. Explore the unisex gifts collection for your next big celebration.

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