Earrings: Match with trending hairstyles

Earrings: Match with trending hairstyles

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It’s that time a year when new year’s resolutions are at a high and a fresh updated look is typically at the top of the list. Traditionally, ladies work on fixing their physiques. But, a simple refresh to your appearance may just be the way to go if you don’t want to wait months to see results. Changing your hair and jewelry is an exciting way to kick-start 2017 with a new "you". So, let our in-house fashion blogger Ms. Bradley walk you through five predicated hair trends for this year and how to pair them with designer earring styles. 

Make Waves

earrings for wavy short cut hair

In the past few years, we’ve typically seen wavy hair trending in the summer i.e. beachy waves. But, in recent months several celebrities have lopped off their long tresses during the winter and fall, opting for an updated wavy bob. This style may take a bit of a commitment (if a cut is involved), but the results will be well worth it. Wavy bobs pair well with many earring styles from drops to studs but our favorite pick for this hairdo are the diamond ear jackets. The short cut, matched with supple waves, automatically brings the eye upward. Just swoop one side of the hair behind your ear and voilà, a showcase for your unconventional earrings. 

Into Deep

earrings for side parting long hair

For the ladies that are less adventurous or aren’t ready for the sometimes dreaded haircut, the exaggerated side part is a hairstyle trend that can be worn by almost everyone. Parting your existing locks whether sleek, curly or ethnic into this hair design is a refreshing take on the classic middle part. Pair diamond or gold drop earrings with this hairstyle and get the most out of your jewelry. The trendy ethnic and western fusion two-tone 2-in-1 stud drops are ideal for this look. 

Low Down

earrings to wear with ponytail

Another look which is a temporary but fun update is styling your hair into a ponytail. You may think this hairstyle is a bit too juvenile; but wearing a low ponytail is a very chic hair design worn by the young and mature in age. Stud earrings are the perfect combination for this do’ since there is no hair draping in the face to disguise the jewelry. Depending on the destination for the day, you can go for a highly sought-after diamond solitaire studs or for a trendier gal look, opt for intricate 22k gold designs. 

Bold Braids

earrings to wear with braided hairstyles

This fashionable look is probably not for every woman or occasion but is a captivating hairstyle. With so many variations to this woven design, making a styling choice is limitless. Wearing more classic earrings are the best fit to balance this dramatic hairstyle. Like the low ponytail, stud earrings are an option but hoop earrings are a nice choice as well. Depending on the effect you want, simple small gold hoops can be a perfect complement to beautiful braids.  

Sleek and slick

earrings to wear with a sleek wet hairstyle

Closing out our hair trends is a style for the bold and daring woman; best worn for an evening out on the town. Sleek hair takes a glossier approach with the trending “wet look” hairstyle. Seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian and the fashion runways for Spring 2017, this hairdo is for the woman that wants to stand-out. Since all eyes should already be on you, go one step further by rocking dangling earrings which give you an over-the-top effect. 

Now that you have the inside scoop on some of the hottest hair trends for this year, why not give one a try and treat yourself with a new pair of designer ear baubles to match? 

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