All about the 22k gold effects

All about the 22k gold effects

What is 22k gold?

22 karat is the purest form of gold in the form of jewelry; when we say 22kt or 22k Gold Jewelry we mean that 22 parts of the jewelry, is gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metal(s) or equal to 91.3 percent gold plus 8.6 percent of some other metal alloy.

When you think of 22k gold, you think of yellow gold that is chunky, usually worn in different Indian festivities. Over the years it has evolved into different finishes and caters to more contemporary tastes. Here is a low-down on the various finishes available:

Yellow Gold: This is the classic form of gold and is usually the most commonly preferred gold among the Indian subcontinent. Over the years it mixed with different elements such as enamel paint to give it some color.

Antique Gold: The finishing on the gold is just a way to enhance the top surface of the jewelry, which is different types of hand paints or coatings. Antique Gold Indian Jewelry is pure 22K Gold but it is styled with a different finish of gold. It comes in two shades-Black antique and red antique finish. It symbolizes the era of the ancient Royal Kingdom of the Indian mythology and the historical Mughal dynasty.

24k Matte Finish: As the design techniques evolve, the gold finishes continue to innovate as well. This gives a matte finish with an enhanced yellow color, giving it a very rich look.

Two-Tone Gold: Another finish that is getting popular is combining the white with the yellow. The white color is achieved through rhodium, which is a silvery-white precious metal and a member of the platinum family. It is the material most often used to plate jewelry because of its highly-reflective finish, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Glossy/Textured finish: Yellow gold is no longer limited to the basic finish. The various textured and glossy finishes make the piece of jewelry exciting & universally fashionable.

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