Top Travel Jewelry Essentials

Top Travel Jewelry Essentials

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Every time travel is on the cards, your vacation wardrobe deserves a new twist. While most of us are experts on what to pack when it comes to outfits, shoes & make-up, here’s a 6-point jewelry checklist from our fashion editor Jagruti Bansal, that lets you shine through your #vacay posts. You’re all set with these carry-anywhere-accessories narrowed down to the T!


reversible bracelet in 22k gold

What I like about this: “When planning an adventure or road trip, make these convertible gold studs your best travel buddies. They glam-up easily for dressy campfire evenings. Go for the diamond variation of these convertible earrings when your itinerary involves luxurious city travels or wine tasting!”

BEAD Necklace Designs

bead necklaces in 22k gold
What I like about this: “Bead necklaces make for a light weight and uncomplicated choice with your casual denims or a flowy summer dress. They have a feminine touch to spice up your look."

MULTI-WAY & Stackable Rings

stackable ring designs in 18k gold with diamonds
What I like about this: “Multi way rings are the perfect pick when you want to carry a one piece of jewelry but desire to do a lot with. What I like to wear and how much I like to dress up depends on my mood and also where I am going. With these stackable diamond rings in multi tones, I can stack them all at once or wear one on each of the three fingers. I can play around with these baubles as I desire. You can even stack them up on your chain and create a pendant look. That’s 4 looks in one single piece.


reversible bracelet in 22k gold

What I like about this: “There is only so much you can carry while you are traveling, and this two-way bracelet fits in perfectly. You can flaunt the yellow gold with one outfit and reverse to the colorful side for a dressier look.”

Packing jewelry on vacation is frankly cumbersome when you wish to travel light. However, with these travel easy pieces, adding the right spark to your looks just got easier.

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