Video Transcript:

There is one thing we all go seeking into South Indian weddings. The Goddess-like grandeur of the bride. If you are a bride to-be, it is obvious to feel the anticipation while you create ‘THE look’ for your D-day. In Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti, I will unfold the most timeless bridal looks of this season.

Look #1: Pre-wedding ensemble

south indian pre wedding bridal jewelry

22k gold lakshmi bangles

Look #2
The Wedding Grandeur

south indian bridal jewelry

south indian bride sari

 south indian bridal jada 22k gold

south indian bridal 22k gold V vanki


south indian bridal vaddanam

22k gold antique vanki 

22k gold champasaralu

Look #3: The Reception Extravagance

south indian bridal reception look

diamond jewelry for South Indian bride

diamond bridal vaddanam necklace

diamond bridal bangles

best jeweler to buy south indian bridal jewelry

This was just a preview of how spectacular a South Indian bride can be but that’s not it. Explore the unlimited possibilities to customize your dream bridal look. Schedule a complimentary live video consultation with me at

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Bridal Outfits:
The Mall at Oak Tree Road, NJ
Anderson Flowers, NJ
Akbar restaurant, NJ