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Online Bangle Sizer Guide


To help you chose the perfect bangle size, we have given you two simple methods to assist you in making the right selection.

Method 1: Measure the inner diameter of a bangle you already have with a ruler, and then use our Size Chart to select a bangle size based on the measurement you took.

Method 2: Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler. Take the measurement of the widest part of your hand (see visual instructions below). Add an additional inch to your measurement. Select a bangle size, using our Size Chart based on the measurement you took.

Note: For bangle bracelets with hinges and closures use Method 1 or refer to our Bracelet Guide to find the best fit.



Bangle SizeS/M/LDiameters in InchesDiameters in MilliletersCircumference in Inches Circumference in Millimeters
2-2 VERY SMALL 2.125" 54 6.67" 169.4
2-4 SMALL 2.25" 57.2 7.06" 179.6
2-6 MEDIUM 2.375" 60.3 7.46" 189.5
2-8 MEDIUM PLUS 2.5" 63.5 7.85" 199.4
2-10 LARGE 2.265" 66.7 8.24" 209.3
2-12 LARGE PLUS 2.75" 69.9 8.64" 291.5
2-14 EXTRA LARGE 2.875" 73 9.03" 229.4
3 XX LARGE 3" 76.2 9.42" 239.4
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