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Different Kinds of Rings

Engagement Rings

A ring given to and worn by a woman signifies her engagement to be married. It is usually about setting a solitaire diamond into a desired setting and is the most precious possession for a woman. The solitaire is a popular and classic style choice for fashion ring buyers. It features a main stone, which is usually large and quite noticeable because of its color. Several smaller stones may surround the solitaire if desired. As trends change engagement rings are now becoming a popular accessory for men as well. The different solitaire rings are:

Classic Solitaire

A single diamond set in a traditional, plain mounting, usually with four or six prongs. This is a traditional engagement ring, and can be personalized with diamond bands, or a ring guard or wrap (which literally guard or wrap the main ring, and also "frame" the larger diamond to make it more prominent).

Side Stones

This ring offers a great opportunity to express your creativity and uniqueness. It has a larger diamond, or center stone, with smaller diamonds on each side. You can choose to add a wedding ring or decide that it looks great on its own.

Halo Design

The halo is a circle of micropavé diamonds that surrounds the center diamond or other gemstone, visually expanding the appearance of the center by as much as a half-carat or more. Diamond shapes such as the round, cushion, asscher, princess and oval may be accented with a halo of round micropavé diamond.


The three stone ring represents yesterday, today, and forever - which is symbolic for any couple in love, wishing to capture the significance of the time they have and will spend together.

Wedding Rings

A ring presented in a marriage ceremony to signify marital commitment. Originally worn only by the woman, it is now common for both spouses to wear such a ring. The wedding ring is usually worn on the third finger on the left hand and can be made from gold, white gold, silver or other metals such as platinum or titanium. Men’s wedding rings tend to be larger and weigh more than women’s wedding rings. As these rings are designed to be worn for life, it is important that you choose a metal that you are comfortable wearing. Also consider engravings or inscriptions on your wedding rings. These can be simple engravings such as your names or the wedding date, or a personal message for you to cherish.

Cocktail Rings

The cocktail ring is usually over-sized and features a main stone and several smaller additional stones. This type of ring is also described as a cluster ring or dress ring. The beauty of the cocktail ring is that it is meant to be an attention grabber, so the stones used can be any type of unusual semi-precious, precious, or imitation gem. In fact, some rings are made with pearl, coral, mother of pearl, and synthetics. The stone chosen can range upto three carats and above. Cluster rings feature a number of smaller gems set in an interesting pattern. For the most glamorous look, choose a ring with a cluster of gems that is equivalent in size to a single large stone.

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