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Gold Jhumkas

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  • Layered 2-Step Jhumkas

    Layered 2-Step Jhumkas

    Weight: 14.3 gms
    SKU: GER995
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  • Long Convertible Drop Earrings

    Long Convertible Drop Earrings

    Weight: 9.3 gms
    SKU: GER18246
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  • Pachi Diamond Jhumkas

    Pachi Diamond Jhumkas

    Weight: 34.27 gms
    SKU: GER20331
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  • Slim Gold Jhumki Drops

    Slim Gold Jhumki Drops

    Weight: 16.8 gms
    SKU: GER2427
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  • Two Step Gold Jhumkas

    Two Step Gold Jhumkas

    Weight: 36.9 gms
    SKU: GER13134
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  • Peacock Chandbali Jhumkas

    Peacock Chandbali Jhumkas

    Weight: 27.9 gms
    SKU: GER33586
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  • Charvi Gold Jhumkas

    Charvi Gold Jhumkas

    Weight: 18.6 gms
    SKU: GER7921
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  • Mishti Gold Butalu

    Mishti Gold Butalu

    Weight: 28.6 gms
    SKU: GER24152
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  • Convertible Stud Jhumki Drops

    Convertible Stud Jhumki Drops

    Weight: 12.2 gms
    SKU: GER37650
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  • Tiered Uncut Diamond Jhumkas

    Tiered Uncut Diamond Jhumkas

    $12,933.00 $5,830.00
    Weight: 62.27 gms
    SKU: UER1199
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  • Layered Uncut Diamond Jhumkas

    Layered Uncut Diamond Jhumkas

    $9,561.00 $5,575.00
    Weight: 40.43 gms
    SKU: UER32259
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  • Lustrous Emerald Gold Jhumkas

    Lustrous Emerald Gold Jhumkas

    Weight: 34.4 gms
    SKU: GER31115
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  • 3-Step Convertible Jhumkas

    3-Step Convertible Jhumkas

    Weight: 10 gms
    SKU: GER7777
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  • Contemporary Antique Hoop Jhumkis

    Contemporary Antique Hoop Jhumkis

    Weight: 46.5 gms
    SKU: GER8683
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  • Convertible Dangles Jhumkis

    Convertible Dangles Jhumkis

    Weight: 9.6 gms
    SKU: GER2800
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  • Temple Dangle Chain Jhumkas

    Temple Dangle Chain Jhumkas

    Weight: 86.8 gms
    SKU: GER1594
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16 Item(s)

per page
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