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Drop Earrings

Merchandise enlarged to show detail and may not always be exactly as pictured. Please refer to size dimensions for exact details.

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  • Extra Long Enamel Drops

    Extra Long Enamel Drops

    Weight: 13.5 gms
    SKU: GER30544
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  • 2-Tone Layered Drops

    2-Tone Layered Drops

    Weight: 11.2 gms
    SKU: GERK08661
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  • Convertible Tassel Earrings

    Convertible Tassel Earrings

    Weight: 12.5 gms
    SKU: GER12366
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  • 3-Step Drop Jhumkis

    3-Step Drop Jhumkis

    Weight: 17 gms
    SKU: GER12977
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  • Ornamental 2-Tone Drops

    Ornamental 2-Tone Drops

    Weight: 9.9 gms
    SKU: GER19688
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  • Diamond Convertible Drop Earrings

    Diamond Convertible Drop Earrings

    $6,717.00 $4,568.00
    Weight: 11.46 gms
    SKU: DER4784
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  • Lilly Rose Diamond Studs

    Lilly Rose Diamond Studs

    $864.00 $691.00
    Weight: 1.79 gms
    SKU: DERLC2982
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  • Glitter Orbitz Drop Earrings

    Glitter Orbitz Drop Earrings

    Weight: 6.4 gms
    SKU: GER649
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  • Gold Tassel Convertible Earrings

    Gold Tassel Convertible Earrings

    Weight: 17 gms
    SKU: GERKX46381
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  • 2-in-1 Balls Drop Earrings

    2-in-1 Balls Drop Earrings

    Weight: 16 gms
    SKU: GERKX18246
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  • Ornamental Gold Drop Earrings

    Ornamental Gold Drop Earrings

    Weight: 13.4 gms
    SKU: GER30085
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  • Filigree Dangle Drop Earrings

    Filigree Dangle Drop Earrings

    Weight: 20.2 gms
    SKU: GERJY25542
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  • Peacock Drop Earrings

    Peacock Drop Earrings

    Weight: 16.9 gms
    SKU: GER23263
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  • Dianora Diamond Drop Earrings

    Dianora Diamond Drop Earrings

    $2,691.00 $1,884.00
    Weight: 6 gms
    SKU: DER14002
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  • Iniga Designer Diamond Earrings

    Iniga Designer Diamond Earrings

    $4,170.00 $2,836.00
    Weight: 10.46 gms
    SKU: DER3285
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  • Agnella Rose Diamond Earrings

    Agnella Rose Diamond Earrings

    $4,332.00 $2,946.00
    Weight: 11.81 gms
    SKU: DER2239
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  • Designer Diamond Ruby Drops

    Designer Diamond Ruby Drops

    $6,315.00 $4,294.00
    Weight: 9.09 gms
    SKU: DER33447
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  • Tear Drop Diamond Earrings

    Tear Drop Diamond Earrings

    $3,207.00 $2,405.00
    Weight: 6.4 gms
    SKU: DER5118
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  • Diamond Bouquet Drops

    Diamond Bouquet Drops

    $3,810.00 $2,858.00
    Weight: 10.6 gms
    SKU: DER37597
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  • Burgundy Kundan Drops

    Burgundy Kundan Drops

    Weight: 22.2 gms
    SKU: GER3095
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  • Magna Cz Drops

    Magna Cz Drops

    Weight: 7.5 gms
    SKU: GER6718
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  • Dangle Gemstone Earrings

    Dangle Gemstone Earrings

    $2,310.00 $1,085.00
    Weight: 23.1 gms
    SKU: GER7627
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  • Mikiyaji Diamond Drops

    Mikiyaji Diamond Drops

    $6,511.00 $4,883.00
    Weight: 11.17 gms
    SKU: DER6690
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  • Ruby Diamond Drops

    Ruby Diamond Drops

    $9,328.00 $6,529.00
    Weight: 13.19 gms
    SKU: DER1488
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  • Ruby Diamond Earrings

    Ruby Diamond Earrings

    $10,068.00 $7,047.00
    Weight: 15.77 gms
    SKU: DER7679
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  • Divine Gold Earrings

    Divine Gold Earrings

    Weight: 12.6 gms
    SKU: GER7593
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  • Multi-color Enamel Drops

    Multi-color Enamel Drops

    Weight: 22.4 gms
    SKU: GER8065
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  • Swirl Drop Earrings

    Swirl Drop Earrings

    $5,161.00 $3,970.00
    Weight: 5.19 gms
    SKU: DER9156
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  • 18K Diamond Earrings

    18K Diamond Earrings

    $3,378.00 $2,195.00
    Weight: 3.61 gms
    SKU: DER6718
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  • Diamond Pearl Drops

    Diamond Pearl Drops

    $7,374.00 $5,162.00
    Weight: 12.83 gms
    SKU: DER6138
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Items 1 to 30 of 34 total

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