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Gold Tikkas

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  • Petite Polki Gemstone Tikka

    Petite Polki Gemstone Tikka

    Weight: 7.8 gms
    SKU: GTK11294
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  • Aoka Polki Gems Tikka

    Aoka Polki Gems Tikka

    Weight: 12.9 gms
    SKU: GTK20422
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  • Aanki Polki Gems Tikka

    Aanki Polki Gems Tikka

    Weight: 11.7 gms
    SKU: GTK13774
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  • Polki Gems Gold Tikka

    Polki Gems Gold Tikka

    Weight: 12.7 gms
    SKU: GTK2710
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  • Aampal Polki Gems Tikka

    Aampal Polki Gems Tikka

    Weight: 12.5 gms
    SKU: GTK28847
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  • Aruni Polki Gems Tikka

    Aruni Polki Gems Tikka

    Weight: 13.2 gms
    SKU: GTK19877
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  • Filigree Polki Enamel Tikka

    Filigree Polki Enamel Tikka

    Weight: 11.5 gms
    SKU: GTK1368
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  • Chanda Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Chanda Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Weight: 5.8 gms
    SKU: GTK14970
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  • Chayla Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Chayla Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Weight: 6.6 gms
    SKU: GTK24323
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  • Aadya Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Aadya Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Weight: 9.7 gms
    SKU: GTK4867
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  • Filigree Meena Tikka

    Filigree Meena Tikka

    Weight: 10.4 gms
    SKU: GTK2426
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  • Chand Bali Maang Tikka

    Chand Bali Maang Tikka

    Weight: 9.1 gms
    SKU: GTK35686
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  • Filigree Mesh Maang Tikka

    Filigree Mesh Maang Tikka

    Weight: 10.5 gms
    SKU: GTK2003
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  • Aadhini Filigree Maang Tikka

    Aadhini Filigree Maang Tikka

    Weight: 9.7 gms
    SKU: GTK3197
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  • Aagam Filigree Maang Tikka

    Aagam Filigree Maang Tikka

    Weight: 18.3 gms
    SKU: GTK4210
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  • Kundan Borla Matha Patti

    Kundan Borla Matha Patti

    Weight: 32.2 gms
    SKU: GTK8661
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  • Chand Bali Matha Patti

    Chand Bali Matha Patti

    Weight: 30.8 gms
    SKU: GTK18227
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  • Enamel Dangles Matha Patti

    Enamel Dangles Matha Patti

    Weight: 37.3 gms
    SKU: GTK3112
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  • Floral Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Floral Filigree Enamel Tikka

    Weight: 17.1 gms
    SKU: GTK11419
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  • Aarashi Gold Maang Tikka

    Aarashi Gold Maang Tikka

    Weight: 5.8 gms
    SKU: GTK39923
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  • Pearl Gems Maang Tikka

    Pearl Gems Maang Tikka

    Weight: 14.35 gms
    SKU: GTK2692
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  • Peacock Maang Tikka

    Peacock Maang Tikka

    Weight: 18 gms
    SKU: GTK5898
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22 Item(s)

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