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Dimensional Floral Jewelry

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  • Swirls Cut-out Bangle

    Swirls Cut-out Bangle

    Weight: 33.8 gms
    SKU: GB7172
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  • Three-Tone Floral Bangle

    Three-Tone Floral Bangle

    Weight: 19.5 gms
    SKU: GB11349
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  • Long Dangle Gold Jhumkas

    Long Dangle Gold Jhumkas

    Weight: 49.1 gms
    SKU: GER34123
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  • Long Paisley Gold Jhumkas

    Long Paisley Gold Jhumkas

    Weight: 44.6 gms
    SKU: GER6519
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  • Tri-Color Bolo Bracelet

    Tri-Color Bolo Bracelet

    Weight: 20.8 gms
    SKU: GLB10844
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  • Florett Gold Collar Necklace

    Florett Gold Collar Necklace

    Weight: 41.6 gms
    SKU: GS234
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  • Fleur Cz Gold Bangle

    Fleur Cz Gold Bangle

    Weight: 12.9 gms
    SKU: GB5019
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  • Floral Gold Bangles

    Floral Gold Bangles

    Weight: 33 gms
    SKU: GB28234
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  • Mosaic Floral CZ Pendant

    Mosaic Floral CZ Pendant

    Weight: 6.1 gms
    SKU: GP8016
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  • Bellis CZ Bracelet

    Bellis CZ Bracelet

    Weight: 14.1 gms
    SKU: GB5617
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10 Item(s)

per page
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