Video Transcript:

Many fashion lovers are still not aware of the concept of jewelry styling and the difference it can make to one's overall look.

Who is a jewelry stylist?

"A Jewelry stylist is an artist who enhances your everyday to special occassion look using jewelry, bringing out your personality, your facial features and your skin tone."

Occasions and events make jewelry choices all the more tough. When it's your occassion your looks must define you.
"For me the bottom line is to help you discover your signature charm."
When I start working with a client, I want to know what her dressing style is, how important trends are to her, her appetite for gold jewelry and the occassion she is planning to dress up for.

"When to experiment, when to stick to classics, when to follow trends versus when to follow your own instinct. Jewelry styling is an art of its own. I feel just as excited as an artist who can't stop admiring her creation. I enjoy my brides and creating the different looks. They are my favorites."

A happy client is the best compliment ever. It assures me that I am doing my best and I love what I do.

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