Fine Jewelry: splurge or save?

Fine Jewelry: splurge or save?

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With the holiday season around the corner, it means it’s gifting time for your family, friends, coworkers or even treating you. Simply said, gift giving means less spending on you and more on others. Deciding on how you want to stretch your money, whether it be for you or the people dear to your heart can prove to be challenging. To help you simplify your jewelry shopping experience, our Style Blogger Ms. Bradley has compiled a few insider tips that can help you decide whether to splurge or save during the holiday on fine jewelry designs.

Diamond or American Diamond

When deciding on buying a certified diamond or American diamond piece of jewelry many a times, it can be tricky to understand the difference between these two types of stones. The most crucial point to understand is that American diamonds are not natural diamonds. Real diamonds are mined from the earth and vary in price depending on several elements of the stone known as the 4c’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Engagement rings, solitaire diamond earrings and designer necklace sets are popular designs created from real diamonds. Keep in mind, although more expensive than its American diamond counterpart, the benefit of buying diamond jewelry whether polished or uncut is its added value to the construction of the gold jewelry.  

American diamonds also known as cubic zirconia or cz, are man-made simulated stones that are created to duplicate the appearance of real diamonds. Although to the untrained eye they appear like genuine gemstones, they are not natural and therefore not the same caliber of stone. Cubic zirconia jewelry is often seen in intricate special occasion jewelry, everyday jewelry designs and engagement rings. Cz jewelry is often chosen for its affordability and is an excellent alternative to real diamond jewelry when your budget is a concern, the jewelry is a design you feel would be worn less often, or isn’t a desirable item to invest your money in at the time.

22 karat or 18 karat

22 karat gold is one of the purest forms of gold in the market used to create jewelry, and like diamond jewelry, it is a more expensive option that is often seen as an investment piece. Indian designer jewelry in intricate unembellished designs or decorated with a combination of uncut or polished gemstone and/or semi-precious stones is generally crafted in this gold quality.

The next best choice after 22 karat is 18 karat gold that has become a intriguing option for jewelry designers. Even though in terms of purity it is graded lower, the pricing varies based on the designing. For example, real polished diamonds are best crafted in 18 karat gold to give it the fine design elements. These are important points to keep in mind when making your jewelry choice and understanding why the prices may vary from piece to piece.

Style and craftmanship

Jewelry should reflect the wearer’s personal style and speak to the person viewing it. You shouldn't compromise style or craftmanship when making your jewelry choice. But who says that style and your budget cannot meet half way? Check out these on trend pieces that are similar in design but with varied price points. We leave it to you if you prefer to splurge or save.

PICK #1: Hoops
with a hint of shimmer

splurge or save on hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are on trend right now and since it’s almost the “blingy” season, adding a little glitz to your gold hoops is a must. We have two options of hoop earrings that will keep your ears sparkling. Hoops are a jewelry box staple, so your only decision is whether to invest in a pair of colorless diamond hoops in 18k gold or save on a 22k gold cz hoop earring design.

PICK #2: White Gold Rings

diamond or cz rings

When it comes to lightweight jewelry, white gold is an option that we love year round and especially for winter months. Both fancy ring designs are crafted in 18k gold, so your only decision will be if you want to shine with diamonds or cz? Here are two jewelry options to take you from day to night. If you decide to save on this design, you can double up on two cz rings for less than the price of the splurge option and get the trending stacked ring look.

PICK #3: Pretty Pendants

diamond or cz gold pendants

Florals are always big in spring and summer, but this year you are in luck; florals are HUGE for fall and winter. What better way to wear the trend than with jewelry. These feminine pendant sets are a great jewelry design, and again you have the option to get it with sparkling diamonds and semi-precious color stones, or certified diamonds and gemstones. Now all you need to decide is how much to drop at the jeweler. 

PICK #4: Seal it with a mangalsutra

diamond or cz gold mangalsutra
The mangalsutra is a customary Indian ornament for married women or for women soon to be tying the knot, Tastes have changed over time, but the cultural connection remains the same, so ladies are in search of modern daily wear designs to express their devotion. We have two dainty black bead necklace options, both in radiant 18k white gold with two similar designs of certified diamonds or sparkling cubic zirconia. Which one is your top pick for your every day ensemble?

PICK #5: Special Occasion Necklace sets

splurge or save with choker design necklaces in gold and diamonds

Chokers are a hot pick right now, and we love these eye-catching necklaces both in 22 karat yellow gold and gemstones. Here are two attractive designs both with ruby and emerald but with the option of uncut raw diamond or American diamonds as the accent; the perfect style choice for the upcoming December holiday parties and winter weddings. If you decide to save for this jewelry design; you can always use the difference on a matching cocktail ring.

Now that our style expert has debunked the myth that fine jewelry only comes with an outrageous price tag, use these inspirational recommendations for your next purchase and get the designs you like at a deal or live a little and splurge.

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