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Welcome back to the brand new look of the Season 2 of the Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti with fresh new ideas. Have you ever wondered what hairstyle to wear with these special earrings? Today it's all about hairstyle and earrings.
We have our hair and make-up expert Nighat, who is going to walk us through five different looks for various styles of earrings.


EARRINGS: Unconventional earrings

hairstyle for ear jackets

I am wearing ear jackets; they are a unconventional design of earrings. What do you recommend with this Nighat?
- "I would recommed a messy bun with this style of earrings; it can be a low or high bun. It is very easy to make it. I have already prepped her hair with the curls. And I left one curl down for you so I can show you how easy it is."

EARRINGS: Chand Bali & Jhumkas
HAIRSTYLE: Low Soft Curl Bun

hairstyle for chand bali

Nighat, Indian festivities are round the corner and these popular design of earrings- chand balis & jhumkas are very popular. So whar do you suggest for this look?
- "Chand balis and jhumkas are very traditional so I would suggest something simple, elegant and trendy. So now a days, everybody knows twist and soft buns and soft curls are in fashion so I would say just do the twist. I already prepped the hair so just make a round and wrap it around. So you can see from the back, it is very low and neat."

EARRINGS: Stud earrings
HAIRSTYLE: Half-Up & Half-Down

hairstyle for stud earrings
Next on my list are stud earrings. So here I am wearing solitaire studs. This is your everyday wear jewelry that you can wear at your work or at an evening out. So Nighat I am looking for your tips on this look.
"As we know studs always look good with short hair, bob hair or pixie cut. But if you have a length in your hair, you can do half-up and half-down- as I did with your hair-simple twist and some loose curls."

EARRINGS: Hoops & huggies

hairstyle for hoops

Earrings that are always in style are hoops and huggies. So Nighat what are your tips on creating this look?
"Hoops and huggies always complement with any kind of braid. Today I made a fish braid; it perfectly goes with the hoop. You can finish this look with decorative flowers."

HAIRSTYLE: Low Pony with Gel

hairstyle for drop earrings

In the last look we have drop dead gorgeous earrings, every woman's favorite. So Nighat for this look can you give us something that is trending both in Hollywood and Bollywood?
"Very nice and neat look which is a low pony and I put the gel on the top to make it nice and neat. In this low pony you tie the rubber band and wrap your hair around the rubber band to cover it. This completes this sleek look."

I know these looks and styles inspired you to use them when you are getting ready for work or an evening out.
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