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Rings are the most wearable jewelry accessory for every woman but today we will talk about a bold style of ring that brings a twist to this simple accessory: Full finger rings that covers your entire finger.

It is an unusual choice made by people who want to stand out, to express something unique not only about themselves but their jewellery wardrobe as well. Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities have been spotted with full finger rings on the red carpet or at concerts.

Today I will introduce you to different styles of full finger rings created by our in-house designers to satisfy this new trend.

Full Finger Gold Rings

full finger gold rings

First on this list are the full finger nail ring.Crafted in 22 karat yellow gold, the design features a trio of rings with an adjustable front ring that secures over the shiny finger nail portion. This rare design is the ideal addition to your party wear outfit or a show-stopper jewelry for your next wedding event. It is recommended to wear it on the index ring and your hands will not require to wear anything else after this.

Another design that is close to this is the filigree pattern full finger ring in 22 karat yellow gold, in a unique design that extends from the base of the finger to right below the finger tip. The filigree dangles ring has an adjustable fit, giving it great versatility.

chunky finger gold rings

If chunky styles are your choice we have various other filigree designs that almost cover the full finger.

Full Finger Diamond Rings

full finger diamond rings

Second on this list are the perfect pick for ladies who like to splurge. You will love these absolutely stunning full finger fashion rings studded with certified diamonds flowing through the entire design of the ring. These rings are available in various patterns and cuts. Choose from various contemporary designs that blend with your evening gown or even your festive South Asian look. These are particularly a hot favorite among our Indian brides.

We hope these rare and exquisite designs inspired you to create your next head-turning look for your upcoming event. To check out the entire collection of full finger rings log on to