Engagement ring trends 2016

Engagement ring trends 2016

engagement ring trends 2016

Wedding season is here and the wedding day jewelry shopping starts with the engagement ring. The diamond solitaire ring is highly purchased this time of the year, but how do you choose the right one? Besides the cut, color and quality of the stone, there are so many design options that couples have to consider, Our editor presents the top engagement ring styles that are trending in 2016, based on industry popularity.


wired band engagement ring trends
 A design that is growing in demand is the wired pattern engagement ring. The intertwining strands of metal band, studded with diamonds symbolize a lifelong promise of commitment and faith. This knotted design is a romantic pick for couples this wedding season. If you are looking to add a twist to the classic design, this is a must-have.


rose gold engagement rings

Diamond jewelry lovers have been impressed by rose gold as a metal, especially in engagement ring and wedding band designs. A growing number of couples are seeking rose gold in their rings as it’s the warmest and most romantic precious metal. Vintage inspired or modern design, when combined with rose gold, also referred to as pink gold, can bring a unique charm to any diamond engagement ring. This beautiful pink shade metal has become a sensation in the precious stones bridal jewelry industry.



This design adds an art deco element to the engagement ring, ideal for lovers of the vintage antique style. Women who want to transition from the classic design and desire a pattern that highlights the center stone are intrigued by this style. The idea behind the handcrafted embellished design is to add a dash of fashion to your classic ring.


fancy center diamond enagegement rings

Women are looking for a diamond ring that sparkles but also make a bold statement. Fancy centers are making a comeback with options such as double halo and cushion halo due to its stunning look and big perceived value. The popular design features a soft outline of diamonds surrounding a larger center stone, enhancing the beauty of the center stone, making it look even bigger.


gemstone diamond enagagement rings

When Prince Charles gifted Princess Diana an oval sapphire engagement ring, it set off a major trend in the 80s. In today's times, celebrities like Kate Middletown and Halle Berry's rings bring the trend back in the limelight. Sapphire and ruby top the list, followed by emerald, aquamarine and other vibrant gems. Colored diamond is another option available to couples with shades in pink, yellow, champagne, and chocolate. The most alluring design option in this style is the stunning diamond halo around the gemstone. Gemstone engagement rings can be chosen with the partner’s birthstone in mind, or simply due to artistic preference.


wraps & inserts for enagagement rings

Solitaire enhancers, ring guards and wraps are a perfect complement to your engagement ring. The wrap and insert styles offers the bride a way to create a bigger diamond look by wrapping her solitaire ring with a smaller accent diamond frame. By slipping the diamond solitaire between rows of round diamonds, the brilliance that it will bring is amazing. In terms of metal color, the enhancer ring has various options. It can be the classic white color of gold as the solitaire ring. Many brides prefer to opt for rose gold or yellow gold enhancer to highlight their white gold solitaire.

Did these trends help you understand what style connects with you as a couple? Would like to customize your ring with Raj Jewels? Feel free to check out our diamond engagement rings collection or get in touch with a sales expert to create your order at info@rajjewels.com.

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