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Welcome to the Season 2 of the Jewelry Scoop with me Jagruti Bansal. And yes, finally we are back with a fresh new look.

Raksha Bandhan – the most awaited Hindu festival based that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. The most important element of this festival is the auspicious thread that a sister ties on the brother’s wrist blessing him with a happy, healthy and long life. But if your brother is married you will tie this thread on your sister-in-law's wrist as well. This is the day you honor both your brother and bhabhi.

So all you sisters out there rushing to the local store to find a rakhi that speaks the words of your heart, I am going to show you how you can create your own rakhi, that your brother and bhabhi can wear even after the festival is over.

So for all you sisters, I have this interesting set-up here and I am going to show how you how to create cool and convertible rakhis that is going to make a unique gift this Raksha Bandhan.

So here I have this exciting display; there are these colorful threads and accent elements. I have gold pendants here; you can choose something that is more religious or something that is more modern like these initial pendants.

22k gold DIY rakhi

22k gold DIY rakhi

And what makes them even more special is that your brother can wear it as a pendant after the festival is over. Isn’t this a lasting gift for your brother that he will always treasure? This is your opportunity to do something special for him. And remember even if you don’t have a real brother but you have someone whom you treat like your brother, this could be the perfect way to show him how you feel.

22k gold lumba DIY rakhi

So I have already created this rakhi for you. I have included this accent here with the pendant. Now I am going to show you another style of Rakhi that is known as the Lumba rakhi. This is the rakhi that is tied on the sister-in-law's wrist. It usually features a dangling accent. As per Indian traditions it is believed that the brother's wife is commited to her well-being. That's why the sister gives the rakhi to her as well, wishing for her well-being.

22k gold pendant DIY rakhi

These DIY rakhis are the gifts that will last forever. And remember even if you don't have a real brother but you treat someone like your brother, this could be the perfect way to show him how you feel.

I hope these ideas inspired you to create your own personalized rakhi. I am ready to celebrate Raksha Bandhan now. This is what I created for my brother and bhabhi. Now it's your turn. I want to see what you came up with.

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