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If you like to wear a bangle but prefer more of a bracelet feel, the bangle bracelet is just the right jewelry accessory for you. Bangle bracelets can range from the most wearable everyday wear accessory to show-stopper jewelry designs. Satisfy your bangle rush with these vast styles of bangle bracelets.

Wrap Bangle Bracelets

wrap bangle bracelets

Featuring a wrap design this is a unconventional style that can take you from minimal to a style icon. We have contemporary designs in 22k two tone and yellow gold that you could complete your formal office wear look or smart casual outing.

Fancy Bangle Bracelets

fancy bangle bracelets

Fancy Bangle Bracelets are stow-stopper styles for your party look.  All you ladies out there looking for something different from the run-of-the mill these diverse handcrafted designs can add an oomph to your evening gown. We also have extravagant design bangle bracelets for special occasions such as weddings and festivities.

Simple Bangle Bracelets

simple gold bangle bracelets

Slim and simple designs make these a pick-me-up accessory for every woman. And what makes them perfect is that you can wear them everyday throughout daily routines of their day. Explore from our vast range from filigree design 22 karat gold bracelets.

Beaded Bangle Bracelets

beaded gold bangle bracelets

One of our most popular in-house designs are the beaded bracelets designs in 2 or 3-tones of 22 karat gold, which usually features a mix of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold accents.

Semi Bangle Bracelets

semi gold bangle bracelets

This style is a mix between chain bracelets and bangle bracelet. What makes this design unusual is the way the top half portion is like a bangle while the bottom half is more like a chain bracelet.

Gemstone Bangle Bracelets


These bangle bracelets features attractive motifs that are studded with precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, designed in 22k gold. This collection also includes interchangeable gemstones combined with certified diamonds for a more luxurious look.

Diamond Bangle Bracelets

diamond bangle bracelets

If diamond is your favorite gem, explore our extensive collection of bangle bracelets in stunning designs. We offer a lighter range along with splurge styles, all of which incorporate VVS EF quality of diamonds.

I hope you liked the different designs and styles of bangle bracelets. Explore the entire collection of bangle bracelets at our online store.

27 January 2017

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