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Top 5 Gifts for Moms

mothers day gift guide blog

Finding a Mother’s Day gift can be a tricky task. Shopping online to find that one object that expresses how much you love and appreciate your mom can almost send you into a panic. Will she use this? Does she have one of these already? These are many of questions that may cross your mind. Thankfully, there is no need to fret, our expert blogger Ms. Bradley has covered the top five gifts for moms, and we are suggesting, you guessed it jewelry. 

The Spiritual Mom

mothers day gift guide for spiritual mom

Is your mom always chanting, praying and constantly blessing and sending positive vibes to other people? Religious pendants are a great designer jewelry gift to give to the spiritual mom because these dainty charms communicate her beliefs. Diamond and 18k gold along with 22k gold religious charms from our Hindu Om Jewelry collection and Christian crucifixes are top picks for mothers; you might also want to add a gold chain.

The Diva Mom

best gifts for mothers day blog

This mom is always on her ‘A’ game. She is accustomed to and always on top of the newest and best of everything from wearing the latest fashions to fine dining, lavish trips, and designer bags. Solitaire diamond earrings are the perfect gift for this diva. If she already has a pair of solitaires, we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, ask your other siblings or dad to chip in on the cost and give her a carat upgrade.

Sentimental Mom

gemstone jewelry gift guide ideas for mothers day

Does she love anything you give her no matter what it is? This mom may even have your first of well --every present or craft you created since birth. Your mere presence always puts a smile on her face. Birthstone jewelry gifts are the right choice for this mother’s personality. Whether you chose her birth gemstone or you chose the stone for the month you were born, she will love the memories it brings her every time she wears her Gemstone Jewelry gift.

The Fitness Fanatic Mom

best gifts for mothers who are into style

When you call your mom does she always have to call you back because she is at the gym? Is she always wearing yoga pants when you meet her for lunch or a pressed juice? Fitness fanatic mom is always up on the latest wellness trends and convinces you to get on board of these new health kicks. We all know that eating good and working out makes you glow and look great from the inside out. So, help your fabulous fitness mother look even better when she works out by gifting her a diamond bolo bracelet. These bracelets are a trendy alternative to the tennis bracelet that was popular in the 1980’s, but just as secure because of the adjustable clasp. So, don’t worry this jewelry won’t get in the way of her workout.

The Free Spirit Mom

trendy gift guide ideas for stylish mothers

This mom could very well have an Instagram and may even follow a fashion blog or two. She is always up for borrowing one of your accessories because she saw it on Kris Jenner. Her light-hearted demeanor means she might be the first one to get up and dance at your one of your family members next special occasions. For The Free Spirit mom, you can get her an unconventional Mother’s Day Gift; she will adore it. Diamond ear cuffs are an excellent choice for this carefree spirit. She will love the shimmer of the luxe diamonds set in this on-trend jewelry design.

From classic to unconventional jewelry, decorate your mom in designer baubles she will cherish this Mother’s Day.

06 May 2017

Posted in Gifting trends By

Ms. Bradley

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