Unconventional Diamond Earrings

Unconventional Diamond Earrings

Video Transcript:

In this edition of, Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti, our editor, Jagruti Bansal, moving away from the classics, talks about unconventional jewelry. In this category we will be covering three styles of earrings which are ear jackets, ear cuffs and ear crawlers.

Ear jackets

ear jackets

The ear jacket style is the convertible front back earrings design that gently hugs the earlobes. It is marginally adjustable in size and alternatively can also be worn as a stud by removing the drop.

Ear cuffs

ear cuffs

The second unconventional design is the ear cuffs; this unique style usually covers the whole ear and is a great pick if you are looking to create a head-turning fashion statement.

Ear crawlers

ear crawlers

This is a design that features a thin delicate band, which is usually curved and seems to float up on the outside of the ear.

These unconventional earring designs are the perfect accessory to jazz up your weekend look, add some edge to your work outfit, or put a dash of glamour to your evening look.

 Explore the entire collection of unconventional earrings to add a element of wow to your personality.

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