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Hey Guys! Here’s an interesting style trivia for you…

What adds that x-factor to your final look, when you’re all decked?
Your Jewelry, of course!
But what happens when you’ve already used that statement jewelry at your last evening out?
Well, the answer is simple…
Today on the Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti I will introduce you to a new trend- reversible jewelry.
Women are looking for accessories that are versatile and can be personalized with different outfits. .
I will show you how you can create multiple looks with a single piece of jewelry, which means you can get more out of this single investment.

reversible diamond ring

I have a special viewer guest on this show. She reached out to me after watching episode #21 Hairstyle & Earrings. She is a analyst at a bank and she is also a professional dancer.

Lana: "Wow I am so excited to be here. I received so many compliments about my new hairstyles; my colleagues & friends loved how I can go from office to evening look. Is there a way to something similar with jewelry as well?"

Editor: "Certainly! Firstly it's so nice to have you here. I like the look you have right now. The green dress; it's a nice evening dress and the collar necklace goes perfectly with the whole look. But you know you can do a lot more with this. I believe you have a dance performance after this.
"I do"

Editor:  "You could wear this same necklace."
"Don't you think it lacks color to be worn with a costume?"

reversible gold necklace & earrings

Editor: "Actually you could reverse it and it has enamel paint on the other side. So it would add the perfect accent elements."

Lana: "And what about the earrings?"

Editor:  "The earrigs are reversible as well. So that means you don't have to carry a separate necklace just for that occasion.

Fantastic, no chance of losing one."Editor:  "I also like the diamond and emerald ring you are wearing; it matches with your outfit."

Lana:  "Thank you I love it as well. But you know it's green so only goes with a green dress.

Editor: "That's not necessary. You can wear green with something blue as well. But again this ring is also reversible. So if you need more color options, it's got red ruby on the other side."

Lana: "Red with green?" Does it go?

Editor: "Yes, don't be scared of colors. You need to be bold and experiment and step out.

Lana: "I am excited to bring color to my life. What about your jewelry? I see you are wearing really nice subtle set. "

Reversible diamond pendant and earrings

Editor: "Yes, this is actually perfect for work. Your everyday jewelry. You can see- this is in rose gold. And if you like something that's all white, all you need to do is just flip it. "

Lana: "Fantastic; I definitely need a set of these for my office. Do you have something that is more bold like statement jewelry?"

Editor: "I have these really nice statement earrings. They are in a hoop style; it's got pearls one side and gemstones on the other side. So you have multiple options within that same peice of earrings."

Reversible Chand Bali earrings


22k Gold Latest reversible pearl chand bali earrings

Lana: "Great I can flip them back and forth depending on where I go."

Editor: "And that way your friends will see you and they will say everytime she's got something different."

 Lana: "Thank you so much I am really excited to try those on."

 Editor: "You are most welcome".

reversible gold jewelry for women

What do you think of reversible jewelry and what would you like to see on the next Jewelry Scoop?

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