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"How to become a smart online shopper?" today on the Jewelry Scoop with Jagruti. I am sure you've had some questions when you've shopped on jewelry online. Should you buy online or a retail store? Is the piece of jewelry you are buying authentic gold? Will it be delivered? Does the online store have a retail location?

Today I'll take you behind the scenes at the Raj Jewels showroom and answer all your questions. Come on inside. So how do you reach out to a store that can be trusted for online jewelry purchases? Let's hear it from Bobby Bansal, the Managing Director at Raj Jewels Bansal Group.

The Leader with a vision to top the fine jewelry industry

Bobby Bansal

Hi, I am Bobby Bansal, owner and Managing Director at Raj Jewels Bansal Group, NJ. A business that was started by my dad decades ago has grown to be one of the leading retailers of 22k gold and diamond jewelry in-store and online today. Jewelry is all about purity and quality so make sure you purchase from a retailer who educates you on the purchase you are making which is our policy at Raj Jewels.

Bobby Bansal

Q #1: What is the best way to find reputable jewelry retailers?

Who are the best online fine jewelry retailers in USA?

 Search online and explore resources such as Better Business Bureau. Check out their ratings and reviews.

Q #2: Is the jewelry being sold online really 22k gold?

How do you know if the jewelry is 22k gold?

Every piece of gold jewelry comes has a 22k hallmark stamp (916). Our diamond jewelry comes with a third party certification such as IGI and GIA.

Is the jewelry sold online is exactly what is going to be shipped??

What our customers see on line is exactly what is shipped. Every jewelry has its own identification number which is the sku. And each of this pieces are one of a kind and it is rare to have a duplicate. All product descriptions are clealrly mentioned on the website and the final invoice.

Every piece of precious jewelry is sources from different parts of the world which includes Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Q #3: What secure payment options are available when buying online?

What secure payments are available when shopping for gold and diamond jewelry online?

On our ecommerce website you have the option to pay via, credit card, debit card and Paypal. All the customers' billing information is secure and all payments are authorized through, a trusted payment gateway. When an order is placed online, the customer's credit card will not be charged until the order is approved to be shipped. Our billing team does its verification before finally creating an invoice. The customer is notified at every point.

Q#4: What shipping and delivery options are available when buying jewelry online?

All our packages are fully insured; for our customer's safety and privacy, does not accept orders with varying billing and shipping addresses. We do not ship to apartment buildings, P O Boxes or homes to prevent loss of packages. When your order is accepted and approved by our billing verification team, your package is shipped to nearest FedEx or UPS location.

What secure payments are available when shopping for gold and diamond jewelry online?


Raj Jewels customer reviews

Editor: "Hello sir welcome to Raj Jewels. So have you shopped with us before?"
Online shopper Mark Zeno: "Yes, I have purchased online and today I decided to come by and shop at the store."
Editor: "Really, so how did you find us online?"
Online shopper Mark Zeno: "I was searching on the intrenet and you came up #1 for quality and service. I read your reviews and it made me feel very secure in buying from you online."
Editor: "That's nice. So do you have any recommendations for buyers who are watching you?
Online shopper Mark Zeno: "Oh yes, it is easy to shop online. My package came at the FedEx location right near my house. So it was easy to pick up my order and it made my whole transaction very pleasant."
Editor: "Well, thank you so much for shopping with us. And here we have it- another happy shopper."

Q #5: What is the return policy incase the jewelry is not as expected?

Raj Jewels customer reviews

Our terms and conditions are clearly stated on We offer up to 15 days for returns and exchange on all online orders. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our multi-lingual customer service team. You can also connect with our Live Chat agents available at to assist you.

Editor: I have given you enough information to help you make your next jewelry purchase.
Bobby Bansal: Now you can shop with confidence at
This is Jagruti Bansal and Bobby Bansal signing off. And see you soon.

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