Wedding bands: The Groom's Personality Match & Buying Tips

Wedding bands: The Groom's Personality Match & Buying Tips

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The most exciting yet challenging task as you approach your wedding day is to find a wedding band that a man would like and even love to wear forever. Our editor gives you tips on making this life-changing selection as she reveals the different characters of men and matches it with the appropriate style of wedding rings.

Golden Minimalist: Traditional at heart

Yellow gold wedding bands are one of the most classic styles that men feel most comfortable in. Popular designs include milgrain edging, plain gold and glossy finishes. The different styles such as low dome or inlay wedding bands in 22 karat gold are the most purest gold options available. Very few jewelers will offer this purity in the United States, and is certainly the most long lasting choice for men.

What’s his personality type?
He is a man of integrity and gives respect to all and carries the desire to advance culture. His love style is sheer pampering, expressive greeting cards and romantic movie-nights.

Simply White: Modern Metro

White gold wedding bands are the best option for men who are looking for a luxurious silver look. For men who like the durability of gold as a metal, there is a white gold option, and benchmark wedding bands are a name to reckon with in the industry.  Whether you prefer square or rounded edges, this a style that looks sleek in 18 karat gold.

white gold wedding bands

What’s his personality type?
He is a man who prefers to make a subtle statement- less talk and more action. Everywhere he goes, he leaves an impact. His love style is straightforward and believes in integrity and simplicity.

Dual tones: Stylish Stud

Men who like to blend different gold tones and effects on their jewelry prefer more fashionable styles of wedding bands. These contemporary designs are for a man who wants to standout. Jewelry designers are adapting to these changing tastes in 22k gold- again a combination that is rare. Another popular element that is now beginning to be picked by many men is cubic zirconia instead of real diamonds.

two-tone gold wedding bands for men

What’s his personality type?
He is a man who is sleek with his style sense and feels like that should carry on to his wedding ring as well. He is all about wooing the woman with his charisma and gets down on his knee to deliver the proposal. He is all about the extravagant dinner, bar-hopping and celebrating the wedding day with a bang.

The Diamond Dude: Flashy by Choice

Men who love diamonds on their wedding ring are a perfect combination of tradition and luxury. Precious diamond(s) studded on 18 karat white gold in striking designs are for the man of metal. The most common styles are a line of diamonds studded within the ring or just a single or trio of stones, preferably under a carat. Diamond wedding bands for men are usually popular in 18k while gold but can also be made in yellow gold, if that is a preference.

diamond wedding bands for men

What’s his personality type?
He is a man who is good with money and wants to establish a lifelong career that he is proud of. He can turn heads whether is the boardroom or at the bar. He challenges himself to be a better man and has the vision to lead. His love style is balancing career and home- he wants to give the best to his loved ones. He is all about champagne, candlelight dinners, red roses and extravagant wedding festivities.

Top tips on selecting wedding bands for men:

1-  What is preferred choice of metal?
The most popular metal is gold with option in yellow and white finishes. All gold is yellow in its original form. White gold is plated in rhodium, which makes it silver in tone. The next best option is platinum, which is heavier than gold and much more durable. It is regarded as the most sophisticated men’s jewelry.

2-  What is his ring size?
This is one of the most important aspects to avoid resizing which could be an added cost. Also, not all designs are easy to resize, especially if they are diamond encrusted. It is best to get the correct ring size from a professional jeweler and then place the order. You can refer to the size guide for additional information.

3- Match the ring to his lifestyle
What is his profession, how active is he and what his hobbies are- all things you need to consider before making the selection. A ring that a financial advisor would wear would be different from a golfer or a construction worker. Ring durability and weight, thus becomes a important factor in this selection. Gold and platinum are top metals in terms of durability as opposed to silver which would work if the groom plans to change the ring after a couple of years. Besides the strength, another factor men consider, is the fit of the band that would make it a everyday wear ring. 

4- What is the groom’s personality?
Is he traditional, simplistic or a modern man with richer tastes? You know your man best and so make the judgment on what will highlight his characteristics.

5- The Cost Factor
Budget is of course the crucial deciding factor in making the decision of buying a wedding band. Do you want something that is affordable or something that is durable or rather just have enough room to go lavish? Most couples might start out with a simple gold band and then upgrade to a diamond wedding ring, few years down the road.

6- A ring to pair with the bride
Most couples also like to look at how their rings look together and if they compliment each other. A popular choice is to engrave a message of love on the wedding bands, which Raj Jewels offers to its customers at no extra cost.
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