Gem of a Color

Gem of a Color

Color stone jewelry trends

A woman’s ensemble has two important essentials- the outfit that brings out her personality and the jewelry that compliments it. The right combination can create a magical look for any occasion. And the element that is the key to creating it all is the color- whether it in your outfit or the accessories.

We explored the concept of color through the eyes of a clothing connoisseur, Nitu Huda, a New York based retailer of Indian fashion clothing, Sitara that launched last week. “Color is extremely important in every type of clothing.The right design in the wrong color can completely throw off the look that you are trying to achieve.

So choosing the right color palette for an outfit is equally as important as its cut, fabric, and embellishment (if any). White is always at the top of my list for Spring and Summer. It’s the perfect shade to be paired with pretty much any bright, vibrant color accessory, which is synonymous with summer,” she says.

The Gems & Indian Apparel

We introduced Nitu to our freshly launched semi-precious gemstone jewelry in 22k gold, featuring color stones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, coral, feroza and others. “This collection is a special rage among the Muslim ethnicities, but also highly appreciated by a wider audience,” announced Bobby Bansal, MD, Raj Jewels.

When we asked Nitu on whether color in jewelry is a limitation, she says, “I feel that classic pieces with color stones can always be used to bring a look together, and are not limited to a particular trend. Bold statement pieces are always fun to play with. I personally like the vibrancy of emeralds and regality of rubies against our South Asian skin tone.” She points out that the Anita Dongre collection at Sitara has some pieces in the neutrals and pastels that would look gorgeous with color stone jewelry. “This would be an appealing choice for those celebrating Eid, since the holiday falls in the scorching month of July this year. They’re light and airy, and would make dressing up for Eid a total breeze."

The Jewel of eternity

When asked if gemstones would ever go out of fashion, she strongly disagrees; “You could pretty much wear any color jewelry all year round when you pair it with the right outfit. Using monotonous jewelry with a bright color dress will bring balance to the outfit or even vice-verca based on the occasion you are dressing for.”

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