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The season of holiday parties is here and it is time to dress up. Today we will present gold and diamond jewelry accessories that will complement your party gown and cocktail dresses. Here are the hottest red carpet-inspired jewelry designs that will help you get the party started right. They're glitzy and glam to jazz up your party look.

If you are wearing an extravagant but a more classic cocktail dress, wear jewelry that is minimal but makes a statement. Select one piece of jewelry to wear on top and one for the bottom by wearing a ring with large earrings and no necklace or a ring with a large necklace and simple earrings.

Sparkly Diamond Drops (Ear dazzlers)


ear dazzlers

If you're on the bolder end, try some drop earrings in a deep red, or sparkly diamond chandeliers.

Cocktail Rings


cocktail rings

When it comes to cocktail rings, go big and choose diamonds. If you want to dive into the holiday vibe, a jewel tone color — like a red ruby, blue sapphire or rose gold tones fusion — is the way to go.


New year parties are all about bling and more bling. We have curated a special collection on this theme.

Statement Necklaces


statement necklaces

For all you ladies, who stay away from bold necklace designs, we have a more refined style of diamond necklaces that allow you to stay within your comfort zone. And at the same time make a statement.

Tassel earrings & two-tone long drops


tassel earrings & gold drops

Up the fun in your new year look with these 22 karat two-tone tassel earring designs that take bling to a whole new level.

Stackable Rings

stackable gold diamond rings

Stackable rings are a new trend that echoes, “Less is more”. Whether it's all on one finger, spread among a few or simply wearing them as single thin rings, they're great for matching with a variety of outfits.

We hope these stunning jewelry designs inspired you to create your next party look.

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