Video Transcript: 

Today I am going to present colorful beads necklaces and show you how you can use it with different looks such as your work attire, casual jeans look or for party wear. So are you ready to bring out your inner fashionista in you? Lets explore the pearl beads and gold necklaces collection at Raj Jewels.

Style#1: Party look designs

party look beads jewelry

Home parties are an occasion when you want to dress up but you don’t want to overdo it. These varied sizes beads gold necklaces are a great pick whether you are hosting or dressing up as a guest.
Bigger, bolder and brighter is the style of these long necklace designs. South sear pearls mixed with ruby, emerald and other stones make this an eclectic jewelry accessory. 

Style#2: Work look designs

beads jewelry for work

Beads are a popular style at work as well. Wear these gemstone and pearls necklaces to highlight your work dress. And for those of you who like the two-tone look, we have long 22k beads necklaces that can be layered or doubled to create different looks.

Style#3: Casual look designs

beads jewelry for casual look

Slim beads chains with cool color beads such as amber, blue sapphire and lime green are the perfect light weight jewelry accessory for your everyday casual wear look.

We hope these colorful beads necklace collections inspired you to create these different looks. Check out these stunning designs at our e-store.